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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Can't forget the little guys!!

I would never forget my Tallan!!! He is 9 months now, can you believe it. And such a laid back little boy. The one thing I notice everyday with him is how much he loves his big brother, and how much he wants to be with his big brother. Dayne is starting to have a hard time understanding and grasping that his little brother is moving and wants to be with him. Dayne is not happy with the possibility of having to share some of his favorite toys. Tallan is army crawling and getting where he wants to go. He doesn't really want to get up on all four's and crawl. He is just so precious to watch.
He loved being with Hudson. Just sitting with him and seeing someone on his level must have been so cool through his eyes. Hudson is getting so big and I love seeing him and oh my his eyes are gorgeous!! He is very active so I know that Jenn has her hands full with both of the boys now. I hate that we are an hour apart, but we are trying so hard to keep the boys together. I know that we will be seeing you guys again in a couple of weeks!! I can't wait Dayne is ready for the train ride! Thomas here we come :)
Thanks again for letting us come and hang out with you and the boys and letting them play so hard! Dayne loved every minute of it and is still talking about pump it up and Cooper and the two of them on the big slide! See you guys soon!!!!
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Jenn said...

Where does the time go.. Your boys are getting so big (and adorable!!).

Jennifer said...

Cooper had a blast too! He woke up Tuesday morning and asked if Dayne was coming back to Pump It Up with him! HA! I hate that we live a hour away from each other! The boys always have a blast when they are together!! We can't wait to see you all next weekend! They will have a blast at Thomas!! See you then!