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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Our Other Life.....

I wanted to share with you all the other life that Jason and I live. TurfWorks, LLC totally controls our lives, but it is definitely worth it! I wish I had before and after pictures to show you all- Jason and I keep hitting ourselves in the head over not taking more pictures when we were 'under construction.' When we bought this 4+ acres it was over grown, not taken care of, and the barn was in such bad shape. We have put our vision into it and are trying every little bit to improve our land.Our business means everything to us, as it should! We are building a new wooden fence around our property due to some issues that have arised (the story is toooo long). I am very proud of our employees for their hard work.

This first picture is of our small office. This is where I am at least 85% of my time. This is also where I do all my wonderful blogging :) We are trying to get grass to grow in the front, how ironic.

This is a our shop. Just one side of it.

Here is that new fence, this is the property line of that long story no one has time to hear about.

I will post some pictures when the fence is all done maybe even some of my small office which is in such need of a makeover! I spend so much time out here it should be more 'homey'

Everyone have a wonderful day!
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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

More Baby Pictures

Good afternoon! It feels like it has been so long since I have been on here but I don't really play with my blog at home. Things have been so busy lately. Our weekend was good and relaxing and Jason finally took a day and did nothing. He didn't know what to do with himself. Dayne and I have both had ear infections. I didn't even know Dayne had one, me on the other hand, I still can't hear properly and I feel like I am in a cave or tunnel when I talk. I hope it gets better soon. How is it fair- Dayne gets to take medicine that smells and tastes like bubble gum, liquid of course, and I get 2 large 'horse' pills twice a day for 10 days. He is defintely getting the better end of it.

Today we had another Ultrasound of our new baby b/c after the last one 4 weeks ago he was not cooperative with all body measurements. I am 22 weeks along and this little man in me is growing. He is 1 pound and 1 ounce. I couldn't believe what he was doing today during the ultrasound.

I want everyone to look closely at the 1st picture. He is giving us a 'Thumbs Up' it was the most precious thing and something that I think I have needed. I have had more crazy doubts with this pregnancy and worries, but everything is coming out okay, it is just sad what doubt can do to you. So this 'Thumbs Up' I am taking as a beautiful gesture from my new son that everything is okay and he is doing fine. What a true blessing from God!

He was active today and into every position. I think he is having fun inside of me! We got to see his face and watch him play with his face and ears and feet.

I am greatful beyond belief that this ultrasound was good, they got to see everything that they wanted to, but that means that I don't know when my next ultrasound will be. I was able to have every 3-4 week ultrasounds with Dayne b/c of his kidney situation. I truly thought that I was the luckiest person b/c I got to see my unborn child so frequently during the pregnancy. With this little one I guess we will have to wait and see. No changes to the due date. Mid July here we come!

Have a wonderful day! I hope to not be such a stranger and get back on top of things!
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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My Angel!

Sunday after church we went the long way home and on the drive Dayne fell asleep. He did this pose himself- I did not put his little dog there. I just thought that this was too precious to pass up. My sleeping angel!

I just wanted to pass this info on and it is not to impose on anyone. But Sunday at church our pastor has been preaching on a series of Heaven and Hell. Very powerful and moving sermons. Brings the truth and hits you in the face. A few things that he said on Sunday really stuck with me and I want to share them. I am 27 and how sad that I have never thought about it or paid attention to it like this. Very simple: If you are born once (1) you will die twice (2), if you are born twice(2) you will only die once (1). Your physical birth and your spiritual birth, born again. You will die physically and your spirit will die and be in Hell or in the Lake of Fire. It was so simple to understand, but I had never thought about it like that. And I felt guilty Sunday after saying all the time the old saying "what goes around comes around"- and something that Dr. Cox said is that God will judge one day- he will judge and be just. God is just and He will pay back. It gives me peace to know that even if every criminal, rapist, murderer is not caught- God will be just to them one day. I am not a minister and my sermon notes are always full and sometimes only make sense to me. But I just wanted to share that with you all today. A simple understanding.
Have a wonderful day!
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Into Everything

Saturday night we went over to our friends house, Josh and Amanda, and had the best time. The ones who had children, had them there and of course Dayne is the youngest but that doesn't slow him down. Josh has a lot of 'toys' and Dayne loves the garage and these pictures prove it. He got to sit on the 4- wheeler and lawnmower and he was in heaven! Such a boy!

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Monday, March 05, 2007

His New Toy!

Jason and I got Dayne this Gator for his 2nd birthday. He was so excited Sunday morning to see this. We didn't want to spoil his party with this gift, so on Sunday morning we set it up in the our living room and you really would have thought it was Christmas all over again!
He never really stopped smiling all day!
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More Birthday Pictures!

Just a collage of pictures from the evening. Dayne in depth with a new toy.
He loves icing! He actually got nervous over everyone singing to him. And my brother, who does exist, playing with Cooper and Carlee.
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Birthday Boy! He's 2!

Dayne had a very big day, Saturday! His actually birthday is Sunday, but we had a blow out for him Saturday evening. We had family and friends over that just made the day even more special for us all. Our little man has turned 2! Time sure does fly!! He grows and changes everyday, but at least everyday is an awesome adventure. And the love he shows you is so unconditional!

We had a John Deere themed party. So our home has turned into the John Deere home for the day. The weather was beautiful to look at but the wind was horrible. We had my father-in-law bring over his John Deere Tractor and our gator. They were the front yard art for the day. I really wanted the kids to go for rides, but the wind was not pleasant. Here in the picture above is Dayne holding his John Deere cake, that a friend of mine made (she did an awesome job!).

Here is our dining room table covered with food and John Deere decorations. My mother-in-law found the table cloth for me and with all the decorations we were pretty set for the party. Birthday parties are so much fun, so much work, and over so quickly!
Thank you to everyone who came and made my little man's 2nd birthday the best!
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Thursday, March 01, 2007

First Party

Today, for Dayne at school, Jason and I decided to surprise him with Cupcakes and goody bags.
We thought today would be good a day to celebrate his birthday at Preschool.

He was so excited to see his Dad, I was just an addition. I guess it will be like that for awhile- sons and their dads! We got to their class right after they all had lunch and they began to dig into the cupcakes. Green icing everywhere!

Each of the 3 children took the cupcakes icing up and planted them all into their faces. It was so precious and priceless! He has on his 'Birthday Boy' ribbon. Really all Dayne really cared about was the goody bags that I brought in.

Doesn't Jason just look thrilled :)

His teacher was so sweet and got Dayne a gift. In it were bubbles and Dayne loves bubbles.
So she was nice enough to let him have fun and blow the bubbles inside.
He looks cool with his sunglasses on!

We had fun and I hope he did too. We interrupted the teachers whole day, but due to the weather the children were released from school at 1230 today.
Dayne was asleep before we got home.
The big party day is Saturday. Look for more updates!