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Thursday, March 01, 2007

First Party

Today, for Dayne at school, Jason and I decided to surprise him with Cupcakes and goody bags.
We thought today would be good a day to celebrate his birthday at Preschool.

He was so excited to see his Dad, I was just an addition. I guess it will be like that for awhile- sons and their dads! We got to their class right after they all had lunch and they began to dig into the cupcakes. Green icing everywhere!

Each of the 3 children took the cupcakes icing up and planted them all into their faces. It was so precious and priceless! He has on his 'Birthday Boy' ribbon. Really all Dayne really cared about was the goody bags that I brought in.

Doesn't Jason just look thrilled :)

His teacher was so sweet and got Dayne a gift. In it were bubbles and Dayne loves bubbles.
So she was nice enough to let him have fun and blow the bubbles inside.
He looks cool with his sunglasses on!

We had fun and I hope he did too. We interrupted the teachers whole day, but due to the weather the children were released from school at 1230 today.
Dayne was asleep before we got home.
The big party day is Saturday. Look for more updates!


Anonymous said...

Hey!!! The picture with Dayne and icing is too cute! Looks like he had fun.


Chuck, Elizabeth, & Carter said...

That picture with him and the icing on his face is precious! And I teared up when you said how excited Dayne got to see Jason. That is so sweet. I keep telling Chuck that very soon he will be #1 and I will take the back burner.

Jennifer said...

Hey sounds like Dayne was happy that you guys came!! How fun!! We can't to see you all on Saturday!! See you then.
(Jason does look SO happy to be there!)