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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Keep scrolling down! Lots has been posted!

Well here is Tallan from tonight. We are praying for those bottom teeth to stop hurting him! We can feel the edges of both of his bottom teeth. I know he is in pain. We have been giving him Motrin to help with the pain and the fever. He just wants to be held and loved on. That is fine with me :) But he is 7 months old already! I just don't know where the time is going! Dayne will be 3 next month. I just want a pause button or at least a slow down button!
Tallan has kept his 'reddish' hair color. In some lights it is brown looking, others it is auburn looking, with big blue eyes. What a cutie in my opinon.
I have posted so much tonight, I hope you keep reading. We have been busy and sick and traveling, and now we are home and hopefully going to relax some.
Oh and how sad is this in that whole weekend I never got a family pic of the 4 of us, never even got a pic with me and the boys. How sad!
Have a great night!
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Daddy Time

I am so in love with my new camera. I caught these moments with Jason and Dayne. Love this pic of them!!

My sweet boy!

Only wish I knew what they were talking about :)
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Shower Time!

Most of us have all been there.................The lovely Bridal/Wedding Showers!! And what made this one fun, was that we had all the men there too. You know they all loved us ladies after the event was over!! But graciously we had the shower over and done and cleaned up before the Super Bowl ever started!!!

My bro and Maggie, aren't they cute :)

You know he is thrilled right there. They both 'loved' being in front of the crowd of over 60 people opening their gifts!!! I at least can say I never had to open gifts in front of that many :)

Their wedding is fast approaching! I am so excited for them both!! I hope that they look to each other first and bring God into their relationship for strength!! I only wish them the best. Marriage is not an easy path, it is hardwork and a daily adventure!!
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Family Pics

Okay if you can look really closely to this first pic. That is my grandparents when they got married 60 years ago. They were so cute!! They still are :)

This is my dad and my brother. ( My old man daddy :) )

Here is my Uncle Vinny (tall guy, my mom's youngest brother), my mom (she will kill me), my nana and papa, Aunt Vicky, and Uncle Ricky. We didn't get a pic of all of them with their kids oh well.
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Family Dinner

These are my grandparents. Enrico 'Rico' and Antonia 'Toni' Testa, pretty Italian huh?? You would never know I had that much Italian in me if you looked at me- Thanks Dad :) They have been married now 60 years. Isn't that amazing!! Couples today should strive for that, not the easy out!

Tallan enjoying himself with daddy.

This is my brother, Dayne, and my nana.
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Real Snow!

Well last Friday we headed up to Massachusettes for a weekend. It was fast, full weekend of activities. My grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary was on Friday. So our family got together for a lunch on Saturday for them in their honor. Then on Sunday we had a 'bridal' wedding shower for my brother, Jasen, and Maggie. The whole weekend was awesome! I was able to see family that I haven't seen in years or even since I was a child. To see all my cousins again even for a brief moment was great. It is funny to see most of them b/c all I can think of is how I used to remember them, little cousins, not young women and off in college or about to be graduating or just going through high school. My cousin Kelly now owns her own business with her man Adam. It is just really special to see how we have all grown and how we have all changed in so many ways!!
I love seeing everyone, I just hate that it is so brief a time and not often. My only excuse is that 'Life Happens.' What are we suppose to do??

But in the collage above is Dayne experiencing some snow, not much. The Monday before we left my grandmother calls and says they just got 14 inches of snow and all I could think of was that it wouldn't be there on Friday when we got there. Well I was half wrong. :) You can see the outline of the piles there in the pics. No matter how much snow was there Dayne had fun!! I kept Tallan in, bad mommy :)
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Random Pictures

Since it has been so long since I have posted anything here are some pics of the boys from a few weeks ago.
Tallan loves his baths!

Our first snow, if you could call it that, was a few weeks ago and Dayne had loads of fun. If you look hard enough you can see his little snowman on the table. He was very proud of it, but kinda sad the next morning when all that was left was the bottom.

Having fun, being a boy!
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