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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Oh How He Changes!

There is a country song by Trace Adkins, You're Gonna Miss This.....................
Well I totally understand that song and for me the song is a tear jerker in a way. This is my baby, he is over a year now and how we can't stop time I at least have these pictures for ever! He is such an angel and such a great child and son and I know that he is going to keep up us all our toes!
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My Little Artist

Okay don't be alarmed they are not aliens :-)
Dayne loves to go out on the back patio and draw the members of the family....
So I don't really know who this is suppose to be but I am very proud of my child's ability right now!!!
(I darkened the pictures so you could get all the detail :-) )

I really don't know what this is

Just look how good this is- we have a head, 2 eyes, a nose, a mouth, 2 legs, and 2 arms- no body but that is okay
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Outdoor Fun!

Well the boys are beginning the early stages of learning how to play together. Tallan wants to be with big brother all the time and big brother only wants little one around when he wants him. But here are some precious brother moments :-)
Tallan is getting very brave and has no fear right now.

Dayne is just too cute and do you see the dimples still there on his cute face since birth!

Just having fun together

He thinks he is big stuff now~
I keep telling him that he is my baby my big boy my everything- He tells me he is not a baby he is a big boy and for some reason he thinks he is 5~ I guess I now understand other moms of much older boys who have such a hard time with them growing up and doing their own things :-) Everyday gets harder as he persists on growing up
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Friday, August 22, 2008

A few pics

Here is Tallan being him, getting into all the drawers in the kitchen- Normally the entire kitchen floor is covered in items from the drawers. He thinks it is cute!!!

Mister lazy- having his snack in bed. This child can come up with some of the craziest things. This particular day he said that he was tired from all the crying he had done that morning while we were out so he needed to lay down in mom and dad's bed and take a rest. You have to love him :-)

Today in the car he put his hat on like this and I wanted to take his picture, well he wasn't too thrilled with that idea so this is what I got. He was too cute! Earlier today he dressed himself back up as a cowboy (that was what he was for this past Halloween) but he kept on his shorts and t-shirts. I really wish I had a pic of that.
Well I promise to get back into blogging. We have had a lot going on and I have just fallen behind, sorry. But this weekend we are taking the kids to go see the Backyardigans at TPAC on Sunday. So I will have the camera ready for lots of pics and get those posted asap.
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Sunday, August 10, 2008

That Says IT!!!!

OH WOW!~!!!!

I don't know if any of you out there are watching the Olympics right now~~~~~~~
But OH WOW!!! The Men's USA 4 x 100 Freestyle relay, I was jumping up and down in the living room. Where did he get it, they beat out France literally by an arm stroke in the right direction. Can't really explain it but it was just so awesome to watch.
Okay just had to share. Wow!!!! I only wish I could swim like that!!!!!! I have all the Olympics DVR right now so cool!

Monday, August 04, 2008

My new adventure!

I call a lot of things in my life an adventure. This new one I believe is definitely that. I have taken the plunge and bought a travel agency through I am just getting started and this is a 'home based business' and I can do this as I can. I want to jump in with both feet and get going but I also have to consider the rest of my life and schedule. I have put both links on the blog now. If you travel and I think we all do then just give my site a chance when you are looking to book your next vacation or travel needs. And if you have been thinking about bringing in some extra income and didn't really know how you would do that then go check out my website and listen to the presentation. My neighbors are living proof that this business is for real and bottom line we all travel! So all I ask is that you give my site a chance like you do Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz, or whoever you use. I hope you will find YTB to be better or the same. And for even more insight go check out Marshall's blog, (he is also my neighbor)
Well I will keep you posted and updated and if anyone is interested just drop by my site or drop me an e-mail. I hope to be able to update you guys on the success of this adventure. Trust me this was not just done there has been a lot of prayer and knowing support from my husband and family!
Just go and check it out, it can't hurt :-)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

I Promise We Are Still Here.....

Well it has been forever it feels since I have posted anything. Life gets in the way a lot and oh my sob story of working and life feels like such an excuse. I will try to get better I promise.
I have signed up for a new adventure in a way -- our Rec Center is having a 'Gladiator' challenge, no not like what is on TV, but a get fit get into better shape challenge. We will be assigned to 2 teams and our coaches are our trainers. I guess we will be accountable for our workouts over the next 3 months. So hopefully periodically I will update you guys on how I am doing. I am a little nervous about the end of the 3 months, there is a competition b/w the teams and there is a list of activities that we will be competing in and one of them is a mini triathlon. I don't run and I don't own a bike and probably haven't really ridden a bike since I was a kid and and I may only be 28 but I feel every bit of that age. I guess I better smoke it in the swimming portion since that is the only thing that I am good at right now :-)
The boys are great and Jason is good too! I promise to get some pics up soon and if any of you reading this are in Manchester then come and join me at the Rec Center over the next 3 months for a 'get fit' challenge you can find me in the pool :-)