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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tallan's 1st Birthday!

One year later!! My precious angel still has his strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. He looks just like his father and that is okay with me!

Happy Birthday baby!!

He loved his cake and was green from head to toe! Thank you to all our family and friends that helped celebrate his big day!!! It is you guys that make our lives so wonderful and full!!
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Tallan's Birth Day July 5, 2007

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My Tallan is growing up!

My baby boy Tallan is now 1 year old! Can you guys believe that? How times fly by so fast in this world. To look on back on this past year is just so amazing. Tallan came into a family that seems to never stop but we are such homebodies! With our business Jason and I stay so occupied. I said to Jason a lot over this past year that I feel guilty and it upsets me as a mom that I feel that Tallan has received the short end of the stick. After Dayne was born I changed my status at the hospital to PRN (work as needed) so I was home a lot and it was just me and him. We just picked up and went and didn't have to worry about too much else. Tallan came after our business and the week before he was born I had to move everything from my office to home and had to find some form of high speed wireless Internet service and had to get the set up and I feel like a part of me has cheated him. Just 5 days after he was born I was in the office while he was sleeping back to work. We have never hired someone for the office and it will be a long time before we can justify doing that. After I was able to drive again, Dayne would go my moms and Tallan and I would head back to our office to work. As a mom I think we beat ourselves up a lot. Tallan has just gone with the flow since the day he was born. He is such a true blessing and everyday he adapts to the situations that he is put in. We don't have sleep in mornings or stay home all day anymore and it will probably be a long time before we have those again. I am just thankful to God that our family has been blessed in the ways that we have been. I don't know why we have and some days I don't think we deserve all that HE has done for us, but I just thank Him everyday for our life and our family. My Tallan is one, my Dayne is three. This past year has been amazing and I pray all the years to come are as wonderful!

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Family Picture Time!

Here is the Crosslin Family!! Out first beach vacation all together!
From Left to Right: Scott and Christa (baby girl in the belly, we didn't know on our trip :-)), Justin and Karen, My mom and dad-in-law Linda and Richard, and you know the four of us!

Tallan with his PaPa!!

The 4 of us! Trying to take a family picture :-)

My wonderful in-laws!! On this day it was Linda's birthday. We were all able to go and have a wonderful dinner and surprise her with a cake and then we let the kids go to town. They are so gracious and I know that we had a wonderful time and a much needed vacation and it wouldn't have happened without them. They even took the kids out one night to the always famous John Deere store while the rest of us got to out for dinner. Thank you so much! I am already looking forward to next year!
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More Vacation.....

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

My little angel!

Loving on his daddy!! Tallan loves his daddy!! In this house with 3 boys I am definitely out numbered but Tallan has taken to his daddy and brother. You can definitely tell that this child has no fear and I don't think that is a good thing right now. He loves his brother so much!!!!

His famous pose right now, finger in the mouth no matter what. It seems like he has been teething for the last at least 9 months :-)
Do you guys see that red/ strawberry blonde hair, LOVE IT!!!! And he has Blue Eyes- What a lock out so I have, very partial!

Laughing and smiling all the time!

We realize now that he loves chocolate chip cookies, who doesn't! Doesn't he look like he has just been caught, Such a sweet face!
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My Dayne!

I am very proud of a lot things in my life but this child (not to exclude Tallan, please don't think that) Dayne is so wonderful and such a blessing. We have our moments and I am trying to learn as a mom to 'put my foot down' or so to speak but he is such a beautiful child and he has such a big and full heart!

If you look closely he has a black eye ( his right). A little parenting advice that we can now give out to others going on vacation. When your 3 year old son says that he has to pee and he takes off for the bathroom quickly well you follow. And when he thinks he is big enough to use the urinal in the men's bathroom with his daddy then you let him, but here is the problem HE IS WET and has on no shoes...... He is a very independent child and when he told his daddy don't help me Jason let him pull up the wet bathing suit on his own, well as he pulled up his suit he somehow pulled himself up too and there went his feet and right into the urinal he went. He hit his right eye socket on the the lovely white porcelain urinal! It immediately swelled and bruised and I was sick to think that it had happened but I am glad he didn't get a face full of urine. Daddy learned a lesson and so did Dayne. But this happened on Sunday of our vacation and we weren't leaving until Thursday. The rest of the week I kept feeling the urge to have to explain what happened to him and try to explain that we don't hit our children. But even with his 1st true black eye he is still so beautiful!

Here is me trying to be a photographer :-) Maybe one day!!!
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More Vacation

My swimming son!

Okay look at this pic, all 4 of us looking at the camera and a smile on our faces!!! However we are in the pool. But we had fun!

Little mister wants to get in to everything. Because there was a total of 10 of us on this vacation by Monday we were able to gather a lot of lounge chairs by the pool. Tallan loved it!! We tried to set him up a play area and nap area under the umbrellas. What a life! He was rocked to sleep in one of the swings by the pool, then laid on a lounge chair with lots of shade but right by the ocean so he had a great breeze then about 2 hours later if we were lucky he was up again and back in the pool. Then all the toys he wanted right there at his fingertips and food too, don't forget that. On his face in this pic is chocolate chip cookie :-)
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Our Family Beach Vacation

Well we were able to go to Myrtle Beach a few weeks and have our first 7 day family vacation! Jason and I have not been gone that long to the beach since our first year of marriage. Let me tell you all that we needed it very badly! Jason's parents have a time share there and we took full advantage! Thank you Richard and Linda for the opportunity to have such a great family vacation.

As you can see in this 1st pic, Dayne is jumping into the pool with his PaPa. The nice thing about have small children on a vacation is that you are up and out very early in the morning. We were normally down by the pool by 9 am and spent all day down there. My lovely Jason had the privilege to take Dayne back and forth the 'big waves' aka the ocean :-) everyday

Tallan just enjoying himself! We have learned that this child loves the water and doesn't like to leave it. Here his is sporting his PaPa's sunglasses. He took everyones off of their face and attempted to wear them himself.

Again Tallan just enjoying himself by the pool!

Just one of many smiles from my Dayne on this wonderful and much needed vacation. Dayne is trying to 'master' swimming right now and every time we entered the pool he just had to do it 'by myself'. His new famous words!!
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The Boys

Well I know it has been awhile but here are my boys, just some random pics over the last few months. I am ready to get back into blogging, but it just seems like we have had so much going on. These 2 keep me on my toes!
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