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Monday, February 26, 2007

I am going crazy!

Okay here is my confession- I have pinched something in my back/ hip area and for a couple of days now I really think that I would rather be dead then deal with this pain. The great thing is when I sit down, my left leg goes numb, how fun! I have been using ice and ice and more ice- all recommended from my chiropractor. Well the ice hasn't made me feel any better so I decided to use heat. Here is where I get stupid and you laugh :)
I put on one of those thermacare heat wraps, on my back last night- well I left it there b/c it was feeling pretty good then my wonderful husband helped me get comfortable in bed with all the pillows possible to make my back not hurt so bad. Well I fell asleep with the heat pad/wrap thing on my back- I woke up at 1 or 1:30 this morning panicing that I had just boiled my baby. I know it sounds stupid but the package says to call your doctor if you are pregnant and it was 6 or 7 last night on a Sunday, not calling the doctor. I woke Jason up during the night reaching for reassurance then calling or bugging Jenn this morning (thanks for dealing with me), then calling my doctor ( after they opened) only to get the long awaited reassurance that I needed, I did not boil my baby! I am so stupid this pregnancy and everything is bothering me.
Well there is your laugh for the day! I have plenty, I just bothered enough people today with this issue I thought I should confess.
Dumb and Pregnant!

Dinner at Sticky Fingers

Here are the boys. Dayne and Cooper had a great day together Saturday. The dads were such champs and let Jenn and I go shopping for most of the afternoon for some much needed maternity clothes (especially for me). But from what I understand the two boys had a good time playing together. I know Dayne was in heaven as soon as we got to their home b/c of all the toys I really don't know if he knew what to play with first. But by the end of the day he was saying Cooper's name, which was so cute! Saturday wore out Dayne, when we left the restaurant to head home, Dayne fell asleep before we even got out of Chattanooga and he slept all night and woke up Sunday at 0715. He slept 12 hours. I cannot remember the last time he has ever done that.

We get to see Cooper next weekend, we are very excited but with mixed emotions- Dayne's 2nd birthday is next weekend. Time flies and 2 years has gone by so fast! I really hope that time will slow down, but I know it won't. I can only treasure each day and each moment!
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What a Great Friday!

Friday was such a wonderful day and Dayne and I got to take a walk with his wagon finally! He got this wagon at christmas from his Uncle Scott and Aunt Christa, but the weather has just been horrible- so we got it out and took it around the neighborhood. He did not want to get out at any point on our walk, he kept telling me to GO! That is one of his favorite words.
Earlier that day we got to spend some long awaited time with Elizabeth and Carter. We had so much fun, but Dayne needs to learn how to share better. It was great that they could come down and spend some time with us!! We will come up and see you both soon in the 'Boro.
Friday night was also my BUNCO group get together! I absolutely love playing that game and socializing with the ladies I play with!
Friday was such a great day and it lead to such a busy and fun weekend!
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Thursday, February 22, 2007


Okay this isn't the greatest picture but how often do we get in a picture together. Last night was so beautiful we stayed outside playing with Dayne. I really hope Spring is coming and this isn't just a tease! Have a great Day!
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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I Need to Stop!

Okay I am becoming a blog page 'junky.' This is very addicting and really have a lot to do other than play with this page. And I am so the spy on others' pages. I love to see what everyone can do with their pages and I try to add to ours. So today after much snooping and spying I have now added music. I have wanted to do that for so long, b/c I love going onto my space pages and listening to what everyone has. I hope you like it!


Okay here HE is!!! The newest member of the Crosslin family is another boy! We are soooo excited. I know that there are a lot of you that wished we were having a girl, but maybe with the next one. He is healthy, his heart is good, as of yesterday he is weighing in at 8 ounces. Our due date has not changed, we are looking at July 20th. According the U/S tech this baby has a 'structure' and girls do not have structures. Please continue to pray for us and this baby boy. We get to have another U/S in 4 weeks, nothing is wrong, just baby boy Crosslin didn't cooperate with all body measurements. But look on the bright side I will post more pictures then!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Newest Crosslin

Here is the Newest member of the Crosslin family. The arrival of this baby will be
July '07 . I am not going to reveal the sex until tomorrow b/c I won't be able to
see my mother-in-law until dinner today. But this baby is great so far, everything
went wonderful at the US today. I at least can say that there is only one baby and yes it is either a boy or a girl :) I love holding this info back from everyone. If any of you know (aka Jennifer and Karen) please do not post anything until tonight or tomorrow morning.

This is a foot! How cute. I can also say that the baby kept showing us it's hand! I think
the baby is very proud of it's hands! This baby also kept hiding it's face, but we finally got a good profile view.

Check in tomorrow for the reveal of the sex of the newest member of the Crosslin family!
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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dayne and his John Deere

Jason, Dayne, and I had such a great weekend! I actually feel like Jason and I have a social life. Friday night we were able to go out to dinner with our Sunday School class to Outback in M'boro, no children. Great Time! Then Saturday evening we went over to a friends home with other parents ( we all go to church together, but it was not a 'church' social) when we got over to their home, we were able to let Dayne play with other kids, we really didn't have to watch him much. There were 7 children there, Dayne was the youngest so all the other kids looked out for him. He hung in there with them all night playing and we went home totally exhausted. Jason got to play Rook, I couldn't tell you the last time he has played a card game, and I learned how to play Phase 10, fun just long. While we were out Saturday all the snow came in- it was so beautiful! Our church cancelled early service and sunday school, so we played 'hooky' from church and went to breakfast then off to Granna and Pa Pa's house so we could feed the cows and ride on the John Deere tractor and gator. Here are just a couple of pictures that we took this morning of Dayne with his Pa Pa in the tractor. Yes, Dayne does attempt to drive the gator, so he thinks. He loves his Pa Pa and he loves feeding hay to the cows. Whenever we are there he has to ride on the tractor, the gator, and even the 4- wheeler.
If you see these pictures you will totally understand why we are having a John Deere B-day party!

This picture shows the difference b/w a real gator and his toy gator. Dayne had to push his toy gator so hard this morning through the snow in our driveway. But driving the real thing has no comparison.

We even threw a few snowballs this morning. The snow we had was wonderful, the perfect snowball snow! But the sad thing is that as soon as the sun was warm enough the beautiful white stuff goes away so fast! Well since we have gotten at least or almost an inch this year I am offically done with winter and would like to move on to Spring!

Everyone just remember that this Tuesday, just less than 48 hours away we will find out what we are having, Boy or Girl?????
I apologize that the new ticker I added is not counting down right.

Hope everyone had a great weekend- we get to continue our active social life next weekend by going to Chattanooga. I hope we know what this baby is, b/c my intent is to shop.
The whole 'social life' we have is a joke!!
Love to all
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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Good afternoon!
No picture today, so far. Dayne is taking a nap and I am suppose to be working here at our office. I really think Jason may try to fire me soon. I desperately need the internet at my house!
But here is my question to all of you today. Jason and I get to have our first belly ultrasound on the 20th, Tuesday of next week. I want to know what you guys think we may be having. I know how I feel and only some of you guys know that, and I looked up the Chinese Calendar today to see what it said. Just something fun. The countdown is on, less than 7 days and we will know what the next Crosslin baby is. Please keep us in your prayers I hope that so far and for the rest of the pregnancy this baby is okay and stays safe! Hope you all have a great day and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Preschool Today

Today was Dayne's Preschool Valentine's Party. But he is holding a picture of
his birthday cake design. I don't remember the last time I bought Valentine's Day
items. Dayne brought in his valentine day cards and we made red baskets with candy and slinky's for his classmates.
His class only has 2 other children in it but I know that they had a fun day. He made an art project of hearts. So sweet. The boat that he is sitting in is his favorite. He loves riding in it. But Dayne is almost 2 and Jason and I are planning a full blown John Deere party. My house is going to green and yellow and Dayne couldn't be happier! That is all that matters, right!
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Monday, February 05, 2007

Dayne Filling Big Shoes

Dayne started walking around in his daddy's shoes. He had a blast,
but he has big shoes to fill!
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Special Moments

Jason took some time out on Saturday from planting trees to cuddle up with Dayne.
They don't get to do this very often b/c Jason is so busy.
But daddy and son enjoy these times together.
My 2 favorite men and the loves of my life!
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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Looking at the snow

When Dayne woke up this morning I tried to explain to him the snow. He tried so hard to say snow, it was really cute. He, of course, did not understand that he got out of school for just a dusting of snow.
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Timeline of Dayne

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