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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Newest Crosslin

Here is the Newest member of the Crosslin family. The arrival of this baby will be
July '07 . I am not going to reveal the sex until tomorrow b/c I won't be able to
see my mother-in-law until dinner today. But this baby is great so far, everything
went wonderful at the US today. I at least can say that there is only one baby and yes it is either a boy or a girl :) I love holding this info back from everyone. If any of you know (aka Jennifer and Karen) please do not post anything until tonight or tomorrow morning.

This is a foot! How cute. I can also say that the baby kept showing us it's hand! I think
the baby is very proud of it's hands! This baby also kept hiding it's face, but we finally got a good profile view.

Check in tomorrow for the reveal of the sex of the newest member of the Crosslin family!
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Chuck, Elizabeth, & Carter said...

These picture are precious!! Pregnancy still just amazes me. How can a person not believe in God when you see pictures of a little life so early on? I am so excited for you! This baby is diffinitely being born to an amazing mother. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! Linda sent us an email telling us what it is.

Donna said...

Congrats! The techs CAN BE WRONG ya know! We'll be happy with what you have though!