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Monday, February 26, 2007

What a Great Friday!

Friday was such a wonderful day and Dayne and I got to take a walk with his wagon finally! He got this wagon at christmas from his Uncle Scott and Aunt Christa, but the weather has just been horrible- so we got it out and took it around the neighborhood. He did not want to get out at any point on our walk, he kept telling me to GO! That is one of his favorite words.
Earlier that day we got to spend some long awaited time with Elizabeth and Carter. We had so much fun, but Dayne needs to learn how to share better. It was great that they could come down and spend some time with us!! We will come up and see you both soon in the 'Boro.
Friday night was also my BUNCO group get together! I absolutely love playing that game and socializing with the ladies I play with!
Friday was such a great day and it lead to such a busy and fun weekend!
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1 comment:

Aunt KiKi said...

I love this picture of him... I can't wait to see you guys this weekend.