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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

You have to watch this!

Take a minute to watch this video. I saw this on someone's blog, but thought it was powerful enough to share with you!
B/C this is my first time trying to post a video click on the title of this blog and it will take you to the site on You Tube.
Have a great and blessed day!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tallan Working Hard

I was able to buy this play mat with mobile at the awesome consignment sale this past weekend (thank you Jennifer!). Here is Tallan at our office, he is working hard and now I can too!

I can't believe he likes it so much!
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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thank you!

Jason and I wouldn't have had as good of vacation as we did if it weren't for the help of Jason's parents! They went above and beyond helping with the boys and I can't thank you both enough for that. I know that Dayne had the best time with you both, he loves you both dearly and I know Tallan was appreciative too. Thank you again for going with us and thank you for your help! We love Granna and Pa Pa!!


Here we are! My wonderful family! My wonderful husband! My wonderful boys!
Thank you God for this family
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Family Time!

Here are the boys, just sweet moments
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More Fun!

Daddy got his workout with Dayne in the ocean. Jason had to hold onto Dayne and lift him with every wave. This was normally how I saw Jason, on his back and under the water.

Tallan just chilling out! He has changed so much and I hope he had a good time too. He got lots of attention!

Here he is trying to get out a full smile. Isn't he cute! How am I so lucky to have 2 beautiful boys?

Saturday we had to support our team, GO VOLS! Even though they did not win, we were good fans :) Dayne loves his jersey and wouldn't take it off.
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Finally a Beach Vacation!!

Isn't his little butt so cute!

Dayne loving the ocean, we couldn't get him out of the ocean. And I can safely say that the waves were his favorite!
Tallan sleeping again. That is okay I was able to get a little sun :)
More ocean time! He just loved it!
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Here are some pictures of the boys

Dayne is so photogenic .... But here he is with pudding on his face, isn't he cute. I will claim him!

Tallan not sure if he wants his picture made. These were about 3 weeks ago, look how small he was.

This was the first Sunday we took him to church, still so small.
He is doing great! Look close and see how much he has changed
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Major Step

Okay I am only posting this for the accountability that it will give me. Being public about this is not something that is normal for me. After having Dayne it took me 1 year to get to my pre-pregnant weight and that was a lot of hard work. Now that Tallan is 8 weeks old, I keep looking in the mirror and saying I haven't changed. So I have joined weight watchers online. I am trying to start this and work on it very hard. My first goal is to just get out of maternity clothes fully, second goal is the wedding that is coming up in May of my brother and Maggie. I do not want to be the 'fat one' up there. That will be so embarrassing. I only gained 20 pounds with Tallan which I can say I am very proud of myself for that, but only 11 of it has come off. So here I go on a personal venture. But I need to be accountable. Pray for me, that is the best with weight watchers you can be realistic!