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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


The invention of the bubble machine is brilliant! Dayne loves bubbles, as so does every other child, but to have this machine around makes it fun. We just fill it up and turn it on. Jason and I have gotten where we like having all the bubbles around too.
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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lazy Boy

Okay here is my lazy boy! This past Saturday morning he was watching Disney Channel from my bed. He surprises me all the time with his actions and body movements. (Sorry about my bedroom) How grown up they act so soon!
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New Toy

Here is Dayne's newest toy. We were so excited to finally get him this swing set. Everyday he wants on it and the smiles are endless. Jason worked very hard at putting all the rock around the bottom and we are secretly hoping that Dayne may take all his toys out there so our flower garden we started a long time ago may come to life. He has had so much fun with this, I highly recommend not waiting like we did.
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Thursday, April 12, 2007

I Have A Lot to Share!

Here is myself and Dayne. I just wanted to share the fact that he and I couldn't get a picture together, so this was the closest we got. By the point in the day that this picture was taken Jason had already walked off (2nd roll of film) and Dayne was not interested in the camera at all. What can you say, I tried.

Here is my boy! Holding a dump truck but wondering off by himself looking to get into something.

Okay here I am, 6 months prego (26 weeks tomorrow) Less than 100 days to go. Do you all see how big that belly is :) The miracle of life! My new little man is coming around more and more and letting me know that he is having fun inside my belly giving me kicks all the time and he has really been enjoying my bladder. Out of no where he lands on it, he is taking after his big brother. This is actually my first belly shot, that I allowed.

Okay now that I feel up-to-date, I hope to post more. I will let you digest all of these pictures!
Have a wonderful day!
Pray that Jason and I don't kill each other, we are going to start on the new nursery tonight! Paint is here and everything is ready to go!
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More Pictures!

Now it is time to show you the egg hunt. My son already thinks that he is a pro b/c of his preschool egg hunt. Look at him closely! He collects his eggs, examines them, if they had candy then he put them in his bunny bag, if no candy they went back on the ground. He was pretty smart.

(My pictures got out of order, sorry)

He would never look at me, but he was so serious throughout the hole hunt. I didn't want to break his concentration. I wish everyone could see my video of this hunt.

Pa Pa again helping Dayne, he filled that bag so fast. He then started using his pullover's pockets.

I think he is either negotiating with Karen or telling her something about the egg. Oh and please don't touch his candy. What the poor child doesn't know is that we had to throw away all of his Easter candy b/c of his overeating. (This is for the first picture)

Do you see the egg in his pocket? This child was not messing around. The open egg lays on the ground. Have no clue where the candy is.... in the tummy I am sure. He didn't like the real eggs, that people had taken time to dye, he just left those on the ground. (this is for the first picture as well)
I am so sorry about my pictures and comments getting messed up, very frustrating!
I have already deleted 2 pictures with meaning to.

More Pictures from Easter!

Here are some family shots. You know, mom's/ wives out there that you have to conquer the few times a year when you are together and look nice. Jason doesn't put up a fit with me on pictures until we have gone into the 2nd roll. :)
Here we are... at least we are looking at the camera and all are smiling! We did it!!!!

More of us, sorry, but I was just glad we got them.

Here are my in-laws, their proper names are Pa Pa and Granna. Dayne is of course holding a tractor/ dump truck. He doesn't let go of his toys for very long.

Pa Pa and Dayne, two best buds!!! Dayne loves his Pa Pa so much!
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Okay I'm back! And I finally have most of my Easter pictures. I wanted to share with all of you Jason's side of the family. This top picture is just grand and great grand children. There are lots of us and thanks to some of us we keep expanding this family !!! Valerie newest one, Blake is in the arms of Jason's grandfather and of course mine is coming July.

This is my immediate 'in-law' family! From left: Justin, Karen (Jason's sis), Scott (bro-in-law), Christa, Linda (mom-in-law), Richard (dad-in-law), Jason, Dayne, and Me
Seated is Elizabeth and Jack Willis

Easter was a wonderful day and great family day. Easter Sunday only topped off the great weekend we all had together as a family. We see each other a lot, but I think we had fun.

Not only is Easter for celebrating Jesus Christ, but family time is very important. Another holiday when you go home and crash.
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Monday, April 09, 2007

Crazy, Stupid, Cold!

Okay here is a start to my crazy weekend. My sister-in-law's and I planned a yard sale a while back, you remember when we were wearing short sleeve shirts, shorts, flip flops! Well we started the yard sale on Friday and continued on Saturday. The high on Friday was suppose to be maybe 50. My father-in-law built us a fire to stay warm. The yard sale was fun and if nothing else we had a great bonding weekend.

Here is a picture of Maggie (top left), Christa, Elizabeth (joke for a hat!:) ), and me
This picture was taken on Saturday when the temperature was even colder. As you all can see we are very bundled up. Lots of layers and Friday tons of customers- Saturday not so good.
To top off Saturday we cooked hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire.

Here is Karen and Me, still bundled up. In the background you can see all the clothes. Karen brought in the money! I don't know how you had all that stuff in your house! Please go buy some new clothes now that you have none in your house and redo the bathroom like you want too!
The yard sale only started the cold Easter weekend off........
More to come!
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