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Thursday, April 12, 2007


Okay I'm back! And I finally have most of my Easter pictures. I wanted to share with all of you Jason's side of the family. This top picture is just grand and great grand children. There are lots of us and thanks to some of us we keep expanding this family !!! Valerie newest one, Blake is in the arms of Jason's grandfather and of course mine is coming July.

This is my immediate 'in-law' family! From left: Justin, Karen (Jason's sis), Scott (bro-in-law), Christa, Linda (mom-in-law), Richard (dad-in-law), Jason, Dayne, and Me
Seated is Elizabeth and Jack Willis

Easter was a wonderful day and great family day. Easter Sunday only topped off the great weekend we all had together as a family. We see each other a lot, but I think we had fun.

Not only is Easter for celebrating Jesus Christ, but family time is very important. Another holiday when you go home and crash.
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