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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Family Vacation 2009

Us again!

Here is the family.....
Christa, Scott, Taylor, Richard, Linda, Jason, the boys, and me.... we were missing Karen and Justin but of course their honeymoon was much more important than staying with us for the week :-)

My boys again!!!! I don't know what got into Dayne but all my pics of them sitting here were of him laughing! Still has his dimples too after 4 years!!! Watch out girls..............
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Our Family Vacation 2009

Here we are as a family after Karen and Justin's wedding!!!

Jason and I getting a rare moment together (the kids would not cooperate for their pics)

My cutie boys!!! I am very partial sorry, but they were full of life and so much fun on this trip and they both have huge personalities that came out!!

Another Family Pic..... wow I should go on vacation all the time to get all these family pics done!!!
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We are heading to the Beach!!

Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort & Spa at Grande Dunes Well Tomorrow morning we will be here at the Marriott Ocean Watch!!!! I am so excited we are going on a vacation, but it is also more than that- Jason's sister Karen is getting married right on the beach!! She and Justin are getting married on Saturday night and we can't wait. Dayne cracked us up the other night when he asked his KK if he could be her 'Ring Master'- so she said yes and we will just have to see how that works out. But we shall be out of touch for a week and I know we are all ready to go! Have a wonderful week and hope to have tons of beach pics when we get home!!!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Well.. I know........

I know another stretch of bad blogging, but you will be impressed at how much I did tonight!!! Just keep scrolling down so you can see all the kids pics I added tonight! I also added some new music, I hope you like it- My brother and Maggie danced to Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison and I don't know why but I have fallen in love with this song, so it is long I hope you enjoy it!!! I have more to do but going to call it quits tonight. Have a wonderful evening!!

More Fishing

I believe this was his first fish! He actually caught the first fish on the boat even before his Pa Pa!!!! Way to go Dayne!! Now whenever we drive to Chattanooga he keeps asking when he is going back b/c they went to Nickajack for their fishing experience. I am so proud of him and what an experience for Dad and Grandpa!!!! (mom would have loved to be there, but I am thinking that I am going to be out on a lot of these trips)

They saw this Crane and Dayne was very excited!! He showed me all the pics they took of it ( I hope this is a crane, b/c that is what we are telling him)

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Dayne's First Fishing Trip

Can you see the excitement on his face????? Jason, his dad Richard, and Dayne went fishing over Memorial Day weekend and oh my Dayne had a blast!!!!!!!!!! He loved the boat b/c as he says it goes 'SUPERFAST'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This was his first trip out on the boat and his first trip fishing, mind you daddy is taking these pics and the life jacket should have been zipped up but wasn't for some reason, thank you Jason- glad I wasn't there to get you :-)
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Dayne's Preschool Program 2009

Well another year of preschool is over. This is really hard for me to even type about or try to explain. During the year we just go thru the motions and every Tuesday and Thursday we go we pickup we talk about the day and all over again the next day. But he is now 4 years old and if you sit back and look from a mom's standpoint when September gets here he goes into the Pre-K class. I am finding that I am not one of these parents that can't wait till the day her children are out of the house. My first born son is 4 years old now and has completed another year of preschool and very soon he will be in kindergarten. I know I sound all crazy but it is just hard to watch him grow up so fast. He loves preschool and does so well that I love it!!! I have learned the ropes of preschool as a mom and what to do and what not to do and what you are expected to do and how to be active and a part of everything and I am so glad that I have done those things. His class was great, we learned a lot during this past year, we learned how to deal with children who are a lot different and children you hit too much and Dayne learned truly about being friends with other kids. That is sad too b/c there will be children that he got close to that will not be coming back b/c they are going into the county school system's pre-k programs. Our life is a crazy life- most of you know I love Jon and Kate plus 8, (right now I am having issues with her and the show :-) ) But when they say in the intro it may be a crazy life but it is our life- I need to steal that saying and say that about us. So to watch another year pass and to know that next year Tallan will be going to preschool and that Dayne will be in the pre-K class just hits a spot that makes me reminisce.

If you click on the collage you can see Dayne performing with his class, Tallan and KK, and Jason and the boys-- but also we sent Dayne that day not feeling good, but you know it was the last day of preschool...... so as his class finished their program he came over to us and laid down on his dad's leg and within 10 min was out and slept the rest of the time, poor guy.
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Mother's Day 2009

Well we keep trying for that one great pic..........

Does Dayne's face tell you anything- he really didn't want to be a part of the pic and as you can see I even gave in and let him change his shirt :-)

Well we tried................................

Being a mom is the best thing that has ever happened to me!! It has changed me in more ways than I ever would have thought. Everyday I thank our Good Lord for them b/c they are truly blessings and miracles and they make me I have changed a lot as a person and I think we all do as we grow and age and mature, but my children have changed me in ways that make me a better person. Thank you Dayne and Tallan for making me a better person and for being your mommy!!!!!
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Their precious faces!!

This boy is the best!!! That face just tells you everything!

My Dayne!! He had such a blast and what an awesome big brother he is turning into!!!! So proud of him

I love the fact that this tractor was Jason's growing up and now I have 2 boys to enjoy it!! Finally Dayne is able to pedal the thing, it isn't easy :-)
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Boys Being Boys

Well a few weeks back or so we got all that rain and finally on a Sunday afternoon Jason said that was enough!!!!! The boys had to get out of the house so here they are playing in the rain and having a blast!!!! They had so much fun and so did we just watching them enjoy themselves!!!
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