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Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Dayne

I don't have to say much about this guy!!! He is my man!! My 4 year old independent, ocd child. He makes me -- me. Not to take anything away from Tallan, but he will help mold me everyday like Dayne does. But there is something about your first born child :-) I think it is b/c I see me in Dayne - which can be a problem as he gets older so I will have to tame that. But I love my boys more than anything and thank GOD everyday for them. I keep telling Dayne that as long as I can get my arms around him I will tell him 'I LOVE YOU' b/c there are times now he tries to pull away, so let the embarrassing begin :-)
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All About Tallan!!

Here is our Tallan...........................................

Just wanted to share some pics of him being him :-) He is one character!! He and Dayne are playing so good together now and really enjoying each others time. Til Dayne tells me he needs his 'quiet time' :-) But Tallan is a wonderful child and true blessing.
Click on the pic so you can see his little face in the middle one- thinks he was being sneaky
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