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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Cake Time!!


Yes even mom wore a John Deere Shirt!!!

He has been like this since he was small, he gets funny when people sing Happy Birthday and especially to him to my sweet moment for the day!!! I got a minute with Dayne and I know he had a great day!!!!

Have no clue what is going thru his head here but isn't he cute!! And read his shirt 'Dirt makes me cuter' (thanks KK!!!)
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Party Fun!!

Here are some pics of the party---We took so many!!!!
Dayne had a few friends over and I know he had a great time- So
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Picture Time..........

You know we try and that is all I am going to say--- why can't 4 people look at the same camera just for a split sec???? Oh well Another attempt not successful

Can Tallan be any cuter????? He is my growing little man-- what a ham he is too. And do you see the little pink girl in the back drop?? That is Taylor sporting her John Deere outfit too-- my niece :-) Hard to believe that she is 4 months old!! (And Aunt KK) =)

My silly boys.........
I think Dayne is over the camera or at least mommy taking pics of him
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This was the big hit!!!!!
And I can't say a bad thing about it, this was the best thing we have done for a party!! I know we enjoyed it so I hope all the kids and parents enjoyed it and if you are in this area and are interested call that # on the elephant there and use these people!! They were great and renting this was awesome (they have a lot more)

Just more pics of the day and here is the unbreakable pinata :-) Oh my this thing got a beating and wouldn't break :-)
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Just more John Deere... Can't get enough of it!!

Just a few of the decorations around the house.........
All about John Deere!!!!
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Well I didn't want to interrupt you looking at that cake by me typing but can you believe this cake???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I needed to not stress this year over the cake so thru some help of friends and word of mouth (you the know the best way) I found this lady here in Manchester called the The Kake Lady (duh??) Why have I never used her before?? Where has she been all my life or at least the last 4 years???
I have tried to make the kids cakes every year, on Dayne's 2nd b-day a friend made his cake but Melissa is not doing it really anymore for everyone- which is fine- but she did an awesome job!!! So I made Dayne's 1st, 3rd b-day cakes and Tallan's 1st b-day cake--- but no more!! The Kake Lady is my lady!!
I decided I wanted to do something like our grooms cake when we got married all those years ago so my father in law took some time and made he stand and then I demanded from my husband green grass (hahahahahaha) even us can't get green grass this time of year, I even said he had to spray paint it but of course he didn't and yet it still turned out great :-) But I just wanted the cake to be the center of attention and give it a picture perfect setting for the day!! And by adding of course John Deere Tractors to our John Deere Cake what else was I suppose to do :-)
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More Preschool....

Well this is what happens when you are 4---- You don't want a pic with mommy anymore :-( Thanks to help from his buds in class he kept putting his hand up in front of his face as the pic was being taken- so since it is the best one I posted it hehehe

This Dayne again...... being silly........... they were doing an animal dance around the room and not really sure what he is doing here but they had fun!!! What a fun day and fun just kept continuing all week long!!!
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Preschool Party!

The famous green icing John Deere cupcakes!! They were awesome!!

Singing to Dayne Happy Birthday---------

Couldn't resist this pic of Brent, good bud of Dayne, but he was smearing the green icing everyone and all I could think of was his momma is going to kill me-- I stopped Brent from wiping the icing on his shirt, but not fast enough to stop my own child!!!!

Special guests at the b-day party were Uncle Jason and Aunt Maggie!!! We were so excited that they could come on down and spend a few days with us and help us celebrate Dayne's birthday!!!
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Happy 4th Birthday Dayne

Wednesday was Dayne's 4th Birthday and we had a small intimate family dinner at the house (only 12 people but still small) We celebrated Dayne's birthday and then dove into cake and ice cream!!! Happy Birthday Dayne!!!!

My silly boy!!!!
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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Lots Has Been Posted Just Keep Scrolling

Here is our house!! Beautiful Snow Day (but so glad it is gone now)

Dayne and I decided to make a snowman.......... Well every time I got some snow rolled up he would pick it up and throw it at me- so we never made a snowman but we had an awesome snowball fight!!! Such a fun day!
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Snow Day

Tallan wanted to be with daddy!!! And he never wanted off the 4 wheeler til it was time for him to ride the sled and of course I didn't have my camera

And they are off!!

He loved the sled!!!
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