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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

My John Deere Boys!!

Here is some pictures of the boys from about a month ago. On this particular day we took the boys over to Jason's parents house so they could be on all the John Deere Toys =) The tractors, the gator, out in the woods all the good boy stuff to do. Well I also took pics for Dayne's b-day invitations. YES I SAID IT..... actually Dayne's birthday is tomorrow and my first born son is turning 4!!!! Isn't that crazy... time has sure flown by and I know I have said it before but the changes he has made over these past 4 years is crazy-- He is becoming such a boy/ a child-- not a toddler not my baby anymore. I still get my hugs and my kisses and my special moments but I can just see how he wants his independence and how mom just doesn't fit at sometimes during his day. I keep reminding him that no matter how old he is he is my baby =) Then he yells BUT I AM A BIG BOY!!!
Oh well- Tallan is a little stinker and a trouble maker, and he loves his brother so Jason and I have our hands full!!!! I will be uploading pics tonight and if I can do it I will post more but I am getting back slowly but surely.
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1 comment:

Kurt and Samantha said...

Boys and their tractors!! Cute pics of the boys.