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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hey Everyone!!!

Well on this post I am just going to type out some stuff- I acknowledged to Jason the other day that I am being a horrible/slacker blogger and I need to get back on it and so here I go!!!!

Life has been crazy and busy and that is usually my same excuse, but here over the last month we have reached our high on the stress level. Our business is going day by day and we are as we tell everyone making it, but over the last few weeks after months of discussing Jason and I have had to make very hard decisions. Most of us have employers and are employees and I don't really think that we think about what our employers are going thru. We have had to make pay cuts and reductions in hours and are just asking our guys to hang in there with us and if they can't we understand. We have lots of work coming we just have to get to spring first :-) I have never seen my husband at some of the low points that he has been too lately. Our guys each has a spouse or significant other/ kids one or more/ and families that they help support--- That is on our shoulders big time and it is killing us!! We strive ourselves on saying that we are like a family up there and never thought this would happen. So right now we are making it and I thank God everyday for my nursing job as our extra but we just need an improvement in the building/construction side of this economy!!!

The boys have been great but sick a lot here lately and finally they gave it to Jason and I :-) But we are all getting over it!!!!
We got to experience close to us a case of child abuse and I have never felt so bad in my life- after the details of what happened came thru I just went and hugged my boys and thanked GOD for giving us the strength and the ability to raise our boys and then lifted up that little boy to God b/c even though today weeks later he is doing better his home life is no better. We are not suppose to question God or ask Why but it just breaks my heart that infants/children are abused by their supposed loved ones. I offered our home to the baby for a 'safe home' but you know DHS they keep within the family and nothing has changed. I am just having a hard time with the whole thing and still can't wrap my brain around it.

I want to share with you all a blog
This blog is our Pastor's son and daughter-in-law's blog- their son as you can read is in Vandy right now and is having some struggles- their son's name is Cooper and he needs our continued thoughts and prayers!!! A man of God even struggles sometimes and watching how our pastor and wife have handled this situation with their precious grandchild is an awe inspiring and testimony in itself. How his mommy is writing about their experiences shows great strength- They need our prayers!!

In January I joined a Masters Swim class @ our local Rec Center and it has been the best thing that I have done for myself in a long time!! I have never even as a child had swim lessons, when I decided to start swimming I just got in the pool and started didn't know what I was doing. I would ask the lifeguards to help me (who I thought wouldn't laugh at me) and just try and try and try to keep going-- well now I can swim!!! Our Masters Swim Coach/Instructor is awesome and she has taught myself and I know others so much in such a short time. Swimming is by far one of the best exercises you can do!!!! My little inner competitor is starting to come out when she makes us do sprints down the pool, so watch out :-)

Dayne is going to be 4 very soon!!!! I am having a hard time with it- I have a hard time with every birthday but I can see the changes so much and his independence and his abilities- Just hard on a mom to watch him grow up so fast!! But watch out another John Deere Crazy birthday :-)
Tallan is my angel- my little Jason Crosslin twin!!!!

Well I will stop on all of this and will post my pics very very soon!!!


Elizabeth said...

I cannot imagine the stress you guys are dealing with right now!! Chucks work has been slow and they are hoping come spring it will pick up also. Our economy is so scary right now!
The John Deere party was great, cant wait to see pics from Daynes.

Heather said...

I am glad to here you guys are keeping your head above water. I pray you have strength to make the tough decisions. I, like you, have picked up extra time because I want a little extra nest egg and I know I'm the extra! So hope to see you on SDS soon! Also I hope you KICK BUTT at swim class!!!!:)