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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bunny Cake

Click on this collage to see their faces!
They really enjoyed their first own bunny cake made for them especially by Granna!! Thank you so much for making the boys this cake, as we saw that night Tallan really likes cake too!!! Special boys and they love their Granna!
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Egg Hunt #2

Here the boys are down by the river at the park in town prior to our churches big egg hunt. It was such a beautiful day and Dayne really enjoyed himself and as you will see, Tallan went to sleep :)
Dayne and his train basket. He enjoyed the egg hunt but he is so timid that when the horn sounded he took 2 steps forward then came running back. Don't know what scared him, but then he did the same thing, out of thousands of eggs he got about 10-12 not bad huh? :)
Cutie Tallan- He is getting so big and changing so much everyday!! Such a great boy!
Dayne is trying to decide if he can through rocks or sticks or both.
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1st of the Egg Hunts

This preschool egg hunt just started the fun for the Dayne at the end of last week. By Sunday afternoon he had been through 4 egg hunts. I really believe he was exhausted but he loves candy so that is all that matters to him.
Here he is waiting patiently to get into the playground area at school to get all the eggs!

Kera and Dayne are trying to decide who is going to pick up which ones.

Do you see he really doesn't have a lot of eggs. He didn't pick up more than 10 eggs, b/c he had to inspect them first. He picked up each egg, then shook it to see if it had anything in it, then if he wanted to he would open it to check out the candy inside. How silly is that.
He had a great time!!!
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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mash Potatoes !!!

Well Tallan hasn't been eating very well lately at dinner time and Jason and I are about to pull our hair out. So with tonight's dinner I made mashed potatoes- I had to try!
He went nuts over his bowl and just dug in with both hands. He just laughed all through dinner!!
At least he ate something tonight other than just a bottle.
Have a great night!
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My Dayne...

These were taken on Tuesday morning- I didn't want to have a 'typical' morning like we normally do on Tues/Thurs heading out the door to preschool. So thankfully with much cooperation b/w myself and Dayne- we got ready and out the door on time and even snuck in some pics too.

Dayne loves that I have a digital camera now b/c after or during each pic now he says, 'let me see' he will walk out the pose he is holding for the picture to come and see what he looks like on the camera. Trust we have lots of pics that get deleted :)
Another year of preschool, another preschool picture, my little man is growing up.
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Just love this little guy! I asked myself all the time when I was pregnant 'could I love another child as much as Dayne- could I be a good mom and how to share my time- and all those hard questions some of us may beat ourselves up with' but you all know the answer- OF COURSE!!! My little Tallan is already 8 months old. I just don't think that it fair.
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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Don't forget Tallan

Love this cute boy!! The 3rd man in my life!

He is 8 months old right now. He is very laid back, really doesn't care about much. Smiles all the time but he always has the serious face look down. He looks just like Jason! That is okay with me.

Here is Tallan and Hudson. All afternoon Tallan was mesmerized by Hudson's pacifier. Tallan is in love with his, Jason and I both say we need to start the parting of the ways with the beloved pacifier.

They are too cute!!! Wonder what they are thinking or saying to each other??
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More Birthday Party....

Here are just a few more pics of Dayne's party. He had a such a great time.
Put the number on Thomas, a spin off of pin the tale on the donkey-I haven't done b-day party games in so long, the kids seemed like they liked them all and I had fun :)

I bought 2 Pinatas- We have noticed that at other b-day parties Dayne would not hit them for some reason. He has this shy side of him that only comes out when we seem to go places that he is not 100% with. So I bought one Pinata that you could pull the strings from and one that they could hit. In the photo above you see him pulling the string. Now look below- He hit it!!!!

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Birthday Party

We or I should say I, got this banner for Dayne and had it hanging up all week for Dayne. When he woke up on Tuesday morning he kept saying train engine, caboose- what's that say? But he seemed to really like it and Jason LOVED it! :)

Some people know what I went through with Dayne's birthday cake. Well I had a bright idea to make his birthday cake. I am not a baker by any means, but I do feel this need to make my child's cake for some reason. I need to take a class on cake decorating before I begin to do another cake.

Dayne wanted a Choo Choo Train party one day and then a Thomas the Train party the next. So after tons of searching every possible websites out there we had a combo party of just a plain steam engine train in the house and Thomas the Train all set up in the garage.

Here is the final product of the train cake. The cake pan was individual train cars. The cake pan and myself have a true love/hate relationship right now. Last week I would have given it away free to the first person or if I had a gun gone outside and shot it. But after my 6 attempts, my moms 1 attempt and a good friend of mine, Melissa's attempt we finally got the cake to come out right. Again like I said I am not a baker so getting this very detailed train cake to come out right was very hard.

After the cake was able to come out right, Friday night Maggie, my future sis in law and I worked on decorating the cake. We even put each child's initial on a train care that we knew was coming. The ironic thing was that of all these train cars only 2 cars were actually eaten. How silly. I kept saying after all that work, no one ate it. Oh Well! I may never do a cake like this one again!!!!
But Maggie thank you so much for your hardwork on decorating the cars!!!

But we were able to get it set up and decorated and we used Dayne's train tracks for the cakes tracks and it was a great center piece.

Birthdays are so much fun!
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March 4th = 3 years old!!!

Well Dayne turned 3 years old last week!! He is turning into such a big boy. His personality is growing and changing everyday. He tells Jason and I everyday that he is a big boy and that he can do everything by himself. We are thrilled that he is now potty trained and that was just the icing on the cake for me. To see my first born child running around the house in underwear is such a surreal moment. Jason and I are so proud of him and we are so thankful to GOD that he is our son. He loves preschool so much and he always loves going and seeing his friends. The preschool party was just a start to a busy fun filled week of birthday celebrations. Happy birthday Dayne!!
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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Warning To You!

Okay so I think that I am a smart person on some topics. I feel like I don't trust people all the time and that protects me. Well a few months ago we got our Charter Internet installed here in our home. We felt like we have moved up in the world. The installer that came to our home informed us that the wireless router that they installed was not 'very strong' they told me that someone would have to be in my home or sitting in my front driveway to be able to link into my router. I BELIEVED HIM!!! How stupid am I. We don't really have really close neighbors, so I didn't feel concerned at all b/c I BELIEVED HIM. Thank God Marshall and Jennifer have moved in behind us in a way and they are both very computer savvy and know what they are doing on the computer. Jason goes and helps Marshall tonight in their home and they all begin talking about our open computer connection here. Jason kept telling them no you can't get on to our computer/router you have to practically be in our home to tap into it. WRONG!!! Marshall and Jennifer's house is to our homes back we are not direct backyard neighbors and they have used our router in the past to get a connection. I am so thankful it was them, we have no clue if anyone else has ever used our connection without us knowing. So now I feel exposed and stupid. And I trusted someone who I thought knew what he was talking about. I am becoming more and more of a doubter everyday!!!!
Thank you Marshall and Jennifer if you read this for helping me out tonight (he stayed on the phone with me for almost an hour, or so it felt).
We are secured and locked down now so all you weirdo's out there --sorry you can't get into my connection anymore.
Deana welcome to 2008!!
Have a great night!