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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

1st of the Egg Hunts

This preschool egg hunt just started the fun for the Dayne at the end of last week. By Sunday afternoon he had been through 4 egg hunts. I really believe he was exhausted but he loves candy so that is all that matters to him.
Here he is waiting patiently to get into the playground area at school to get all the eggs!

Kera and Dayne are trying to decide who is going to pick up which ones.

Do you see he really doesn't have a lot of eggs. He didn't pick up more than 10 eggs, b/c he had to inspect them first. He picked up each egg, then shook it to see if it had anything in it, then if he wanted to he would open it to check out the candy inside. How silly is that.
He had a great time!!!
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