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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bunny Cake

Click on this collage to see their faces!
They really enjoyed their first own bunny cake made for them especially by Granna!! Thank you so much for making the boys this cake, as we saw that night Tallan really likes cake too!!! Special boys and they love their Granna!
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Chuck, Elizabeth, Carter, & Mason said...

Seriously could your boys be any cuter? I love to look at your new pictures because it makes me look so forward to Mason and Carter getting bigger and getting pictures of them together. These of them with the bunny cake are so cute!

moshieraj said...

Great pictures. I love the look on Dayne's face in the middle one. Too cute. Hope Easter was a great one

Ashley & Bobby said...

You can visit anytime :) I know what you mean....I remember seems so long ago that we were @ Lipscomb. Your kids are beautiful! :)