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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Warning To You!

Okay so I think that I am a smart person on some topics. I feel like I don't trust people all the time and that protects me. Well a few months ago we got our Charter Internet installed here in our home. We felt like we have moved up in the world. The installer that came to our home informed us that the wireless router that they installed was not 'very strong' they told me that someone would have to be in my home or sitting in my front driveway to be able to link into my router. I BELIEVED HIM!!! How stupid am I. We don't really have really close neighbors, so I didn't feel concerned at all b/c I BELIEVED HIM. Thank God Marshall and Jennifer have moved in behind us in a way and they are both very computer savvy and know what they are doing on the computer. Jason goes and helps Marshall tonight in their home and they all begin talking about our open computer connection here. Jason kept telling them no you can't get on to our computer/router you have to practically be in our home to tap into it. WRONG!!! Marshall and Jennifer's house is to our homes back we are not direct backyard neighbors and they have used our router in the past to get a connection. I am so thankful it was them, we have no clue if anyone else has ever used our connection without us knowing. So now I feel exposed and stupid. And I trusted someone who I thought knew what he was talking about. I am becoming more and more of a doubter everyday!!!!
Thank you Marshall and Jennifer if you read this for helping me out tonight (he stayed on the phone with me for almost an hour, or so it felt).
We are secured and locked down now so all you weirdo's out there --sorry you can't get into my connection anymore.
Deana welcome to 2008!!
Have a great night!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you got it worked out. My computer can work off mom's neighbors. Well welcome back to the blog! You have been gone for awhile. Love the new background. See you Easter.


Jenn said...

It sucks when you trust the "professional" and they don't know what they're doing!!!! Glad you got it all working and have a trustworthy neighbor... Take care, Jenn

Marshall Gilliam said...

No problem helping! That's what neighbors are for. Now, if I can just get my yard looking half as good as yours! Hmmm.... I'll need Jason for that ;-)