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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Keep scrolling down! Lots has been posted!

Well here is Tallan from tonight. We are praying for those bottom teeth to stop hurting him! We can feel the edges of both of his bottom teeth. I know he is in pain. We have been giving him Motrin to help with the pain and the fever. He just wants to be held and loved on. That is fine with me :) But he is 7 months old already! I just don't know where the time is going! Dayne will be 3 next month. I just want a pause button or at least a slow down button!
Tallan has kept his 'reddish' hair color. In some lights it is brown looking, others it is auburn looking, with big blue eyes. What a cutie in my opinon.
I have posted so much tonight, I hope you keep reading. We have been busy and sick and traveling, and now we are home and hopefully going to relax some.
Oh and how sad is this in that whole weekend I never got a family pic of the 4 of us, never even got a pic with me and the boys. How sad!
Have a great night!
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Anonymous said...

these pictures are sooo cute! he is getting so big and still looks like his daddy.


Jennifer said...

He is getting so big! Can't wait to see you guys!

Mary-Kate said...

Hey Girl! Read my blog. You are one I've been keeping up with! Hope to stay in touch better now!

moshieraj said...

Time does go by too fast! He is such a cutie. Hope those teeth have pushed through

moshieraj said...

Time does go by too fast! He is such a cutie. Hope those teeth have pushed through

Jenny Beth said...

Hey Sweet friend,
I LOVE your blog!!! So glad you all are bloggers too. We are kinda new at the whole blogging thing. I actually asked about you the other day to Kendra and she said you had another little one, congratulations, you all look really happy!! The kids are too cute. Lets for sure keep in touch, I will link you all to our site. Hugs.