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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Shower Time!

Most of us have all been there.................The lovely Bridal/Wedding Showers!! And what made this one fun, was that we had all the men there too. You know they all loved us ladies after the event was over!! But graciously we had the shower over and done and cleaned up before the Super Bowl ever started!!!

My bro and Maggie, aren't they cute :)

You know he is thrilled right there. They both 'loved' being in front of the crowd of over 60 people opening their gifts!!! I at least can say I never had to open gifts in front of that many :)

Their wedding is fast approaching! I am so excited for them both!! I hope that they look to each other first and bring God into their relationship for strength!! I only wish them the best. Marriage is not an easy path, it is hardwork and a daily adventure!!
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