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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Our Vacation

Well I just wanted to tell everyone that we are finally going on a vacation!!! Not just to Pigeon Forge, but to the beach and out of the state! We are leaving very early in the morning and will be on the beach tomorrow evening! I can't wait. Jason, the boys, my in-laws and I are going to have the best time! I think my husband needs this vacation more than anyone.
Everyone have a great Labor Day! Will post pictures as soon as we get home. Also Dayne starts preschool when we get home, so lots more to come!
Have a great weekend!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Tallan's First Trip

Tallan, my mom, and I went to Germantown over the last couple of days and got to spend some time with Maggie and her family, she is my future sis-in-law (Yeah!! :) ) We were able to go to The Peabody hotel just for a moment and here is Tallan getting his picture made with the famous ducks. He was sleeping, he really showed a lot of excitement. It was also Elvis week there so we got to see many tourists in their full Elvis get up, it was fun! Just HOT!
But thanks Maggie and Mr & Mrs. Cunningham for everything! Now we need a date and I think everything will fall into place! I can't wait!
Oh just so everyone knows, Tallan is 6 weeks old in this picture. Not the best but it was a cell phone.
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Tender Moments

This is Dayne's hand holding his new little brother's hand! Can't you just cry how precious!

What a tiny hand! My miracle was born and holding onto his daddy

Every mother's moments can't be captured my picture but here I am holding my son for the first time! Still brings tears to my eyes. I will treasure these moments always. Thank you Lord for that day and for my new son!
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These Beautiful Black and Whites

Just to be able to capture some of these moments!!! Know I just wish I knew what my son, Dayne was thinking at that moment.
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Precious Pictures

Please click on this collage so you can see each picture better. These pics were taken by a very special person, Vic Briggs CRNA. I work with him and I was so blessed that the day Tallan was born he took the time to take pictures of the special day. He has a true gift and talent. These are just a few, I am going to keep posting some of that day, he took nearly 200 pics I feel so special to know him and that he gave me this gift of memories that I will always have. Enjoy all the pictures!! Love to all
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Monday, August 06, 2007

Dayne's 1st Tractor Pull!

I know that many of you want pictures of Tallan and I promise you that they are coming, but this past weekend was a full weekend of lots of family time! Friday night we took Dayne to the Hillsboro Tractor Pull. We wanted to spend some time with Dayne, without his new little brother, just to have some good quality time and in our eyes a way to make Dayne the center of attention and to feel special. He was in heaven and of course we are good parents and have his ears protected. Dayne loves tractors and for those of you who have been to our home you can attest to that by the number of them we have in our living room :) But we wanted Dayne to experience different kinds of tractors.

Tallan spent the evening with my in-laws and I don't think missed us b/c he slept the whole time we were gone. Dayne is doing well with his little brother. Very sweet and helpful. He tells me when Tallan is crying that he needs milk. He gives his little brother kisses all the time and just wants to watch him.
All is well for us, still adjusting, I am wishing for more sleep. Tallan is growing and changing everyday! He is already 1 month old, how sad, and how fast the time goes.
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