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Monday, August 06, 2007

Dayne's 1st Tractor Pull!

I know that many of you want pictures of Tallan and I promise you that they are coming, but this past weekend was a full weekend of lots of family time! Friday night we took Dayne to the Hillsboro Tractor Pull. We wanted to spend some time with Dayne, without his new little brother, just to have some good quality time and in our eyes a way to make Dayne the center of attention and to feel special. He was in heaven and of course we are good parents and have his ears protected. Dayne loves tractors and for those of you who have been to our home you can attest to that by the number of them we have in our living room :) But we wanted Dayne to experience different kinds of tractors.

Tallan spent the evening with my in-laws and I don't think missed us b/c he slept the whole time we were gone. Dayne is doing well with his little brother. Very sweet and helpful. He tells me when Tallan is crying that he needs milk. He gives his little brother kisses all the time and just wants to watch him.
All is well for us, still adjusting, I am wishing for more sleep. Tallan is growing and changing everyday! He is already 1 month old, how sad, and how fast the time goes.
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Chuck, Elizabeth, & Carter said...

Cute pictures!! I cant believe Tallan is one month old. I need to see him! Call me

Jennifer said...

Sounds like Dayne had lots of fun this weekend! I am glad that you both got to spend some quality time with him! Give them both kisses for me!! We need to get together soon!

Heather said...

I am glad everyone is doing well! Hope being a Mommy of 2 is going good!

The Adcocks said...

Hi Deana,
Yes i do remember you and I laughed when I read your post because i have also looked at your blog so many times too! I love looking at everyone's blogs, I'm just terrible about leaving comments. It is so much fun. you have a precious family and our little boys are almost the same age. It looks like you are adjusting well to two! Thanks for commenting. i had to post that about jake doolittle. I do not know them at all but this story just made me ache. I can't imagine it happening to Will. I just think that the more people praying the better.