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Saturday, July 21, 2007

More Pictures

Hey here are some more pictures from 2 weeks ago now. Can you guys believe it, 2 weeks has past already. Please click on the collage so you can see each picture a little bigger. I am slowly getting my film developed and back and on my computer. Then it takes time to post stuff.
We are all doing really good. Tallan is eating wonderful and sleeping pretty good. At night he is going about 3 hours at a time, which isn't bad, but I wish he would go longer! Dayne is still okay with his new brother. He loves to hold his brother and to kiss him and to pretty much protect him, but he still wants his attention too. Adjusting to 2 his kinda hard at first. I was actually impressed with myself the other morning I feed Tallan, then with him in one arm, made Dayne's breakfast, changed Tallan, cleaned up the kitchen, then changed Dayne, and then feed Tallan again. How strange it was just walking around doing everything like I had been doing it forever. How we adjust so easily!
We hope you all are doing great and I will post more pictures soon!
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The Hadfields said...

I'm glad you're staying sane!! I love the pictures!! Keep em' coming!!