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Friday, January 08, 2010

Rare Moments

These Pictures are rare to get!! Over this past year there have been so many things that happens within a family-- as I look onto this new year I am reminded that my dad will be turning 80. That is right my dad is old :-) I am 30 now and Most of you reading this just have grandparents that old if you are blessed to still have them with you. So my dad will be 80 and it is hitting me hard these days. My dad is a good hearted man and when I see him with my children it brings a smile to my eyes. We purchased the book from Hallmark that you can read the story, Twas the night before Christmas and we had my dad read it to the boys- so for me I am capturing him to be in their lives for as long as I can. He is happy with my boys and he smiles the most when he spends time with them. I am thankful that he is a major part of their lives and spends as much time with them as possible I know that he will not be in their lives forever but they will remember what a good grandfather he was and they will remember that he was there and that he loved them so much.
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My boys

Christmas this year was beyond fun!! The boys are at an awesome age and to just see their faces and expressions and their genuine comments are so priceless I wish I could capture them forever!!! Melia with The Cherry Tree 123 made the boys their shirts for Christmas this year-- I thought they were so perfect!!! Thank You Melia

This sign I honestly saw on another blog and to be truthful cannot remember which one but I honestly had to have it so I went to DaySpring online and purchased this for our home and I believe I am going to leave it up all year long!!! It is so pretty in person. I love seeing ideas from everyone else in this blog world, so thank you for all your ideas out there :-)
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From our to home to yours.... We hope you had a Woderful Holiday Seaso!!

Merry Christmas!!
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