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Sunday, December 27, 2009

More from the Hilton Head Wedding

My handsome boys!!! I am so proud of them!!!

Well it is a pic of us :-) I had to crop one our family pics b/c Jason and I managed to not get a pic together the whole weekend- maybe he planned that???

My family!!!!!!!!!!!!
I couldn't tell you the last time this has happened a picture with us all in it!!!!
My brother and his wife Maggie, My mom and dad, Dayne, me, Tallan, and Jason
Not too bad............. more to come!!!
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Finally trying to get pics posted!!

These pics of my boys are from our trip to Hilton Head back in October for my cousin's wedding. It was a treat for us b/c we got to spend a couple days on the beach and celebrate her wedding all in a weekend!!! We welcomed a new family member and I think he fits in just fine :-) Welcome Adam!!! But my boys love love love the beach and I only wish we could get their more!!!!
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Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Song and Video

I just posted a new video and song on my playlist. Our pastor's wife played us the Casting Crowns video of Slow Fade a couple weeks back and honestly I had probably heard of the Casting Crowns but not listened to them. Watching this video brought tears to my eyes, b/c it doesn't have to be what is happening in this video that takes your life away from God it can be anything- so I say be careful of what pulls you away from the Lord and remember your walk with him today and work hard to keep yourself in his path and his light- he is always there it is our decision on what path we choose. If you haven't seen the video please watch it!! Hope you enjoy
(you may have to pause my playlist on the bottom of the blog to only hear the video)
Thanks!!! Walk with a prayerful attitude!!