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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Little One....

Tallan is growing and changing every time I post. I know he is suppose to but Oh My... It is just hard to look at your youngest baby and think that he will be ONE in a couple of months. It sometimes gives me that itch again to have another baby. But I know we need to wait a little while.

If you can see closely they are the same. Tallan is his daddy!!! I am trying to claim his blue eyes but everything else so far is his daddy.
Precious little guy! He is so happy and so laid back, sometimes I just can't believe he is mine, I know that God only gives us what we can handle, but with Tallan I don't know why we are so blessed. He came into a crazy on the go family and he is just a long for the ride! I hope he doesn't change too much.
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Finally The Crosslin Family!!

Silly time with Dad and Son!!

The first pic is better, but I don't know if we would ever have a pic of all 4 of us looking at the camera at the time. Look at my cutie Tallan :)
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Our Help!!

With Jason, Dayne, and myself in the wedding we had some responsibilities and things that we had to do. Thank goodness that my wonderful in-laws came to Germantown!! They made it possible for Jason and I to do what we needed to do for the wedding and still be sane at the end of the weekend. In this collage is my in-laws, Richard and Linda; Karen (KK) and Justin; my aunt Vicky, whom Dayne loves and she spoils!
Thank you all so much for your help! We need to repay you in some way for all that you did!!!
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Click on the collage if you want to each pic enlarged.
Such a great day!!!
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Keep going!

Dayne doing something?? He was really good, I think as good as he could have possibly been. I just wish I had pics of the ceremony so you all could see what really happened :) He tried really hard, but he at least made it down the aisle but he didn't last, Jason picked a good moment during the ceremony and took Dayne to his parents. Let's just say that he enjoyed himself the rest of the ceremony and was all smiles as we walked down the aisle to leave. Silly boy!!!
Me and my brother. Rare moment together! I didn't realize how hard it would be to watch my brother get married. He has grown up so much over these past years and to watch him take the next biggest step and now to have a wife is such a powerful moment. My little brother :) When he and Maggie exchanged rings it hit me hard again, he is married and I wish them only the best and I am praying so hard for them. Jason and I have said that marriage is probably the hardest job we have ever signed up for. Everyday it has to be worked on and never taken for granted.

Jasen and Dayne

Finally a picture of us!!!! I may never get another one of these for a while :)
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The Big Day!

Here is Maggie just taking in some time before she gets ready and gets married :) She was a beautiful bride and I am lucky that she is now my sis-in-law!
Dayne and Chandler, If you look close enough she is holding his hand, really wish I knew what they were discussing that seemed so important. Chandler and Kennedy were known as the girls all weekend long. He kept asking if 'the girls' would be there. As I post more pics you will see how much fun he had with them!!
Here are the men of the day... Jacob, My brother Jasen, Eric, and My hubby Jason, and of course the center of attention, Dayne
The two moms!!!
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Here starts the wedding pics!

Here is my brother with his new nieces, Kennedy and Chandler. Very sweet girls!!

Daddy and Dayne.... Dayne was getting restless

We love KK!!!! Karen and Dayne, he loves you very much!!!

And I couldn't leave out a pic of the happy couple!!!! There is so much more to post!
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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Oh Don't Worry..

I have so much more to post !!!!! But I am tired so I will resume this tomorrow......

What Good Friends!!!

I just love this pic!!! I said to the boys as we walked to the gift shop.... so we don't get lost and separated from each other lets hold hands.... well they did it.... great photo op :)

We had such a great day!!! Trust me they know what they did for us, but thank you so much Chris and Jenn!!!!!! We love seeing you guys and I know Dayne loves every minute with Cooper!!!! I wish we could do more like that together! So many times I wish our dumb town here would have some fun things to do !!! But thank you guys so much for everything and we will see you soon!!!
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Dayne so enjoyed his train ride. Even though he figured it out it didn't matter to him. He just sat like this for most of the ride just watching the world go by.

Daddy took these pics, I was really proud of him!!!!
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More Pics of Thomas....

Here is Thomas the Train!!!! Dayne kept asking us if he was going to wave to him. But we just had to say no baby he will just blow his train whistle. All the stress getting to Chattanooga that morning made it all worth it when Dayne saw all the trains. Tallan is just along for the ride but we know he had a great time too!!!!

Dayne and I getting a rare moment together in front of the camera. Not that bad!
Look below at that precious little boy... Tallan is getting so big, he is 10 months now and to us he looks just like his daddy :) He is even smiling like his daddy.
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Oh what a wonderful day this was 2 weeks ago!!!! We were able to spend the day in Chattanooga and take the boys to the Day Out With Thomas at the TN Valley Railroad. We so enjoyed the Polar Express at Christmas and Dayne absolutely loved Thomas!!! But the day was even better b/c he got to spend it with Cooper!!!!
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We Are Back in Business!

Okay I know it has been a long time but I am back and hopefully everything is going back to normal. Here are some pics from all the fun we have been having!