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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Keep going!

Dayne doing something?? He was really good, I think as good as he could have possibly been. I just wish I had pics of the ceremony so you all could see what really happened :) He tried really hard, but he at least made it down the aisle but he didn't last, Jason picked a good moment during the ceremony and took Dayne to his parents. Let's just say that he enjoyed himself the rest of the ceremony and was all smiles as we walked down the aisle to leave. Silly boy!!!
Me and my brother. Rare moment together! I didn't realize how hard it would be to watch my brother get married. He has grown up so much over these past years and to watch him take the next biggest step and now to have a wife is such a powerful moment. My little brother :) When he and Maggie exchanged rings it hit me hard again, he is married and I wish them only the best and I am praying so hard for them. Jason and I have said that marriage is probably the hardest job we have ever signed up for. Everyday it has to be worked on and never taken for granted.

Jasen and Dayne

Finally a picture of us!!!! I may never get another one of these for a while :)
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