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Friday, August 17, 2007

Tallan's First Trip

Tallan, my mom, and I went to Germantown over the last couple of days and got to spend some time with Maggie and her family, she is my future sis-in-law (Yeah!! :) ) We were able to go to The Peabody hotel just for a moment and here is Tallan getting his picture made with the famous ducks. He was sleeping, he really showed a lot of excitement. It was also Elvis week there so we got to see many tourists in their full Elvis get up, it was fun! Just HOT!
But thanks Maggie and Mr & Mrs. Cunningham for everything! Now we need a date and I think everything will fall into place! I can't wait!
Oh just so everyone knows, Tallan is 6 weeks old in this picture. Not the best but it was a cell phone.
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