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Friday, March 14, 2008

Birthday Party

We or I should say I, got this banner for Dayne and had it hanging up all week for Dayne. When he woke up on Tuesday morning he kept saying train engine, caboose- what's that say? But he seemed to really like it and Jason LOVED it! :)

Some people know what I went through with Dayne's birthday cake. Well I had a bright idea to make his birthday cake. I am not a baker by any means, but I do feel this need to make my child's cake for some reason. I need to take a class on cake decorating before I begin to do another cake.

Dayne wanted a Choo Choo Train party one day and then a Thomas the Train party the next. So after tons of searching every possible websites out there we had a combo party of just a plain steam engine train in the house and Thomas the Train all set up in the garage.

Here is the final product of the train cake. The cake pan was individual train cars. The cake pan and myself have a true love/hate relationship right now. Last week I would have given it away free to the first person or if I had a gun gone outside and shot it. But after my 6 attempts, my moms 1 attempt and a good friend of mine, Melissa's attempt we finally got the cake to come out right. Again like I said I am not a baker so getting this very detailed train cake to come out right was very hard.

After the cake was able to come out right, Friday night Maggie, my future sis in law and I worked on decorating the cake. We even put each child's initial on a train care that we knew was coming. The ironic thing was that of all these train cars only 2 cars were actually eaten. How silly. I kept saying after all that work, no one ate it. Oh Well! I may never do a cake like this one again!!!!
But Maggie thank you so much for your hardwork on decorating the cars!!!

But we were able to get it set up and decorated and we used Dayne's train tracks for the cakes tracks and it was a great center piece.

Birthdays are so much fun!
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Heather said...

O.K. That looks like a professional party planner did that! You need to get a 4th job as a childrens party planner!!Love it! Too much for a Mama with lots of responsibilities to take on but you handled it!
You go girl!

Chuck, Elizabeth, Carter, & Mason said...

That cake looks awesome!!! Are you sure you dont want to go into the cake decorating business?

Jennifer said...

I loved the cake! I thought it was very creative! We had a great time! Happy 3rd birthday Dayne!!

Jenn said...

You are much more daring than I. I opted for the Sams cake/cupcakes. Yours turned out amazing... Looks like the kids had a ball!!!