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Sunday, March 08, 2009


Well I didn't want to interrupt you looking at that cake by me typing but can you believe this cake???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I needed to not stress this year over the cake so thru some help of friends and word of mouth (you the know the best way) I found this lady here in Manchester called the The Kake Lady (duh??) Why have I never used her before?? Where has she been all my life or at least the last 4 years???
I have tried to make the kids cakes every year, on Dayne's 2nd b-day a friend made his cake but Melissa is not doing it really anymore for everyone- which is fine- but she did an awesome job!!! So I made Dayne's 1st, 3rd b-day cakes and Tallan's 1st b-day cake--- but no more!! The Kake Lady is my lady!!
I decided I wanted to do something like our grooms cake when we got married all those years ago so my father in law took some time and made he stand and then I demanded from my husband green grass (hahahahahaha) even us can't get green grass this time of year, I even said he had to spray paint it but of course he didn't and yet it still turned out great :-) But I just wanted the cake to be the center of attention and give it a picture perfect setting for the day!! And by adding of course John Deere Tractors to our John Deere Cake what else was I suppose to do :-)
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Kurt and Samantha said...

That cake is awesome!

Elizabeth said...

Love all the birthday pics. Looks like he had a great day. You all look so cute in your JD attire. When are we getting together?