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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Much Needed Day Away....

On this day we took a drive down to Chattanooga to spend the day with Jenn and the boys--- Well as many of you know me I am normally late to everything I do for some reason and or another, BUT on this particular morning I did everything I could to be out of my driveway by 9am............................. and guess what we made it out before 9am =)!!!!! We got gas for my car and hit Starbucks and then continued on I-24 for 1 hour and 20min. Well since we were doing so good on time as I exited exit 11 off of I75 I thought Jenn and Chris have taken me another way to their house I can do that instead of hitting all the red lights (only about 3 or 4) Well my cell phone rings as I make that dumb turn right and it was my mom-in-law--- She was talking away and I was trying to respond and look for this one road to the left ( See I do know what I am doing!!) Well then I realize I have gone too far so seeing traffic I proceed to pull over on the side of the road to wait to just turn around-- well a very nice police man on his motorcycle pulls up next to me and asks is everything ok- well I still have my mom-in-law on the phone and I am trying to be polite to her and the police officer and so I just had to hang up the phone- I very graciously said I think I missed my turn and he wanted to know where I was heading so I start blabbing my mouth at I know where I am going I just decided to try a new way but if I just turn around I will know where I am going... Me talking too much what else is new....... So he very graciously says well if you just follow me I will take you right where you need to go- I thought great!!!! Nice policeman I wasn't speeding he is bored?? But yes I will follow him-- Mind you I am still on time!!!!!! Big kudos to Deana for being on time for once

As the nice policeman walked away from my car I could see him then turn and walk back toward my car?????????????????? He then started looking in the backseat window where Tallan was sitting in his car seat... I for some reason roll down Tallan's window as I am asking the nice policeman 'Is everything ok????' And he then puts his hand inside my car and touches Tallan's car seat??????? He then informs me that I do not have my son tight enough in his seat-- well guess what I do- jerked that strap so tight that Tallan became tight in his car seat very quickly- then he keeps looking at Tallan's car seat and starts asking me questions--- Then the words come out- Well I could give you a ticket for this =( NO NO NO NO I was on time and made a the wrong turn and now I am talking with a very nice man but he just said those words that could have just ruined my day- do you guys know how expensive tickets are when they come to your children??????

So we then start talking about what all is wrong with my son's car seat....... Then he says do you have time- can you follow me to the police station and I can help you install this seat properly--- Well what was I going to say after he said he could give me a ticket?? Duh-- follow him
Well I call Jason quickly and that stirs him up b/c as you know my husband put those car seats in and he prides himself on those car seat installments and what in the world could be wrong with them??? He installed them- Then I try to text Jenn really quick b/c I was only 5 min from her house and I told her I was going to be there in a matter of minutes and I still haven't arrived yet but I guess in my trying not to be on the phone at the same time as talking to the policeman I pushed save not send so she never gets my text- And then I have to explain to Dayne that we are taking a shortcut to Cooper's house and we are going to go to the police station...... well that didn't go over well at all with him.
So after 1 1/2 of me learning what we had done wrong with our car seats and my children running all over my car and getting to know this nice policeman and Tallan calling OnStar Emergency and trashing the already trashed vehicle my car seats are installed to the highest of police standards and I dare anyone to question anything about my car seats now b/c I had the TN Training Police Officer teaching me how to properly install my car seats-- He did credit my husband on how tight our seats where despite the wrongs step we did
But as I pulled out of the Collegedale Police Station to only make a right to then make a left at the light to go only a mile or so and turn left onto Jenn's road did I say I WILL NEVER AGAIN TRY TO TAKE A DIFFERENT WAY TO ANYONE'S HOME I KNOW!!!!!!
I called Jenn to tell her to put the boys out front b/c good ole me got a police escort to her house and police stickers to give the boys...
What a day!!!!!
And remember I was early leaving my house I was ON TIME and guess what I ended up being over an hour and half late.........

Crazy story but thankfully we had a great day with Jenn and the boys and we so needed that visit!!! Thanks guys!!!!
As you can see from the collage way up there the boys had a great time too!!! We love seeing them and spending time with them!
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1 comment:

Kurt and Samantha said...

OMG, I can't believe that, he must have needed something to do. I would have been so upset. You can now teach everyone else the right way:). The boys look like they had fun playing together after all that!