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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Dayne's Preschool Program 2009

Well another year of preschool is over. This is really hard for me to even type about or try to explain. During the year we just go thru the motions and every Tuesday and Thursday we go we pickup we talk about the day and all over again the next day. But he is now 4 years old and if you sit back and look from a mom's standpoint when September gets here he goes into the Pre-K class. I am finding that I am not one of these parents that can't wait till the day her children are out of the house. My first born son is 4 years old now and has completed another year of preschool and very soon he will be in kindergarten. I know I sound all crazy but it is just hard to watch him grow up so fast. He loves preschool and does so well that I love it!!! I have learned the ropes of preschool as a mom and what to do and what not to do and what you are expected to do and how to be active and a part of everything and I am so glad that I have done those things. His class was great, we learned a lot during this past year, we learned how to deal with children who are a lot different and children you hit too much and Dayne learned truly about being friends with other kids. That is sad too b/c there will be children that he got close to that will not be coming back b/c they are going into the county school system's pre-k programs. Our life is a crazy life- most of you know I love Jon and Kate plus 8, (right now I am having issues with her and the show :-) ) But when they say in the intro it may be a crazy life but it is our life- I need to steal that saying and say that about us. So to watch another year pass and to know that next year Tallan will be going to preschool and that Dayne will be in the pre-K class just hits a spot that makes me reminisce.

If you click on the collage you can see Dayne performing with his class, Tallan and KK, and Jason and the boys-- but also we sent Dayne that day not feeling good, but you know it was the last day of preschool...... so as his class finished their program he came over to us and laid down on his dad's leg and within 10 min was out and slept the rest of the time, poor guy.
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Kurt and Samantha said...

Poor little thing, you can tell that he doesn't feel good. It is hard as a mother to think about them getting bigger, time just goes way too fast. They are precious boys!!

The Claunch Family said...

We can cry together, I will be a basket case when Olivia starts kindergarten!

Andrea said...

I just love you & your honesty! I know exactly how you feel. Alyssa will be 4 in August & the realization has hit me that this will be her last year before heading to Kindergarten. It all happens WAY too fast!!