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Thursday, April 12, 2007

I Have A Lot to Share!

Here is myself and Dayne. I just wanted to share the fact that he and I couldn't get a picture together, so this was the closest we got. By the point in the day that this picture was taken Jason had already walked off (2nd roll of film) and Dayne was not interested in the camera at all. What can you say, I tried.

Here is my boy! Holding a dump truck but wondering off by himself looking to get into something.

Okay here I am, 6 months prego (26 weeks tomorrow) Less than 100 days to go. Do you all see how big that belly is :) The miracle of life! My new little man is coming around more and more and letting me know that he is having fun inside my belly giving me kicks all the time and he has really been enjoying my bladder. Out of no where he lands on it, he is taking after his big brother. This is actually my first belly shot, that I allowed.

Okay now that I feel up-to-date, I hope to post more. I will let you digest all of these pictures!
Have a wonderful day!
Pray that Jason and I don't kill each other, we are going to start on the new nursery tonight! Paint is here and everything is ready to go!
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Chuck, Elizabeth, & Carter said...

These pictures are great! You look absolutely adorable!!! Kinda makes me want to be in your shoes again. Ok, that thought was for just a second, I am over it. I will leave pregnancy to you for now. Dayne is so darn cute!!! We need to get together again soon!

Amy said...

Great pics!! You look great!!

Deana said...

Amy if you read this again please send me your e-mail again, b/c the last e-mail address I have did not send you the message. I would love to look at your blog again

The Hadfields said...

I was coming on here to make sure you got my message and there was that message for me!!! E-mail me at and I'll fix it!! Sorry for the trouble. Amy