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Thursday, April 12, 2007

More Pictures!

Now it is time to show you the egg hunt. My son already thinks that he is a pro b/c of his preschool egg hunt. Look at him closely! He collects his eggs, examines them, if they had candy then he put them in his bunny bag, if no candy they went back on the ground. He was pretty smart.

(My pictures got out of order, sorry)

He would never look at me, but he was so serious throughout the hole hunt. I didn't want to break his concentration. I wish everyone could see my video of this hunt.

Pa Pa again helping Dayne, he filled that bag so fast. He then started using his pullover's pockets.

I think he is either negotiating with Karen or telling her something about the egg. Oh and please don't touch his candy. What the poor child doesn't know is that we had to throw away all of his Easter candy b/c of his overeating. (This is for the first picture)

Do you see the egg in his pocket? This child was not messing around. The open egg lays on the ground. Have no clue where the candy is.... in the tummy I am sure. He didn't like the real eggs, that people had taken time to dye, he just left those on the ground. (this is for the first picture as well)
I am so sorry about my pictures and comments getting messed up, very frustrating!
I have already deleted 2 pictures with meaning to.

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