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Sunday, July 13, 2008

My little angel!

Loving on his daddy!! Tallan loves his daddy!! In this house with 3 boys I am definitely out numbered but Tallan has taken to his daddy and brother. You can definitely tell that this child has no fear and I don't think that is a good thing right now. He loves his brother so much!!!!

His famous pose right now, finger in the mouth no matter what. It seems like he has been teething for the last at least 9 months :-)
Do you guys see that red/ strawberry blonde hair, LOVE IT!!!! And he has Blue Eyes- What a lock out so I have, very partial!

Laughing and smiling all the time!

We realize now that he loves chocolate chip cookies, who doesn't! Doesn't he look like he has just been caught, Such a sweet face!
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Kurt and Samantha said...

He is absolutely adorable and you are right I love the hair and eyes!! He is growing so fast.

The Claunch Family said...

So precious! I love the cookie monster face!

Jennifer said...

Oh, how fun!! I just love little Tallan!! The one with and the choc. chip cookie is priceless!!!

Elizabeth said...

So glad you posted new pics!!! They are all so great. Dayne is such a cutie and Tallan I could eat up. So glad I got to see you and them last week. Wish we could get together more often!

Sara said...

What a great family page! I love the pictures of the boys they are sooo good you are a good photographer! Thanks for sharing your website. Check mine out it's

Cindy said...

You have such handsome boys & I am glad to see some new pics! I can't believe how big they are! I love the cookie face!