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Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Tallan is growing up!

My baby boy Tallan is now 1 year old! Can you guys believe that? How times fly by so fast in this world. To look on back on this past year is just so amazing. Tallan came into a family that seems to never stop but we are such homebodies! With our business Jason and I stay so occupied. I said to Jason a lot over this past year that I feel guilty and it upsets me as a mom that I feel that Tallan has received the short end of the stick. After Dayne was born I changed my status at the hospital to PRN (work as needed) so I was home a lot and it was just me and him. We just picked up and went and didn't have to worry about too much else. Tallan came after our business and the week before he was born I had to move everything from my office to home and had to find some form of high speed wireless Internet service and had to get the set up and I feel like a part of me has cheated him. Just 5 days after he was born I was in the office while he was sleeping back to work. We have never hired someone for the office and it will be a long time before we can justify doing that. After I was able to drive again, Dayne would go my moms and Tallan and I would head back to our office to work. As a mom I think we beat ourselves up a lot. Tallan has just gone with the flow since the day he was born. He is such a true blessing and everyday he adapts to the situations that he is put in. We don't have sleep in mornings or stay home all day anymore and it will probably be a long time before we have those again. I am just thankful to God that our family has been blessed in the ways that we have been. I don't know why we have and some days I don't think we deserve all that HE has done for us, but I just thank Him everyday for our life and our family. My Tallan is one, my Dayne is three. This past year has been amazing and I pray all the years to come are as wonderful!

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Cindy said...

Happy birthday Tallan!! He is such a little Jason! I love seeing all your pics, since I haven't seen you in forever!

Kurt and Samantha said...

Happy Birthday Little one! I love this blogging world--we stay connected in a way and I get to see your boys grow and change!

Elizabeth said...

Deana, what a great post. Your words are so sweet! Cant wait to see you again!