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Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Dayne!

I am very proud of a lot things in my life but this child (not to exclude Tallan, please don't think that) Dayne is so wonderful and such a blessing. We have our moments and I am trying to learn as a mom to 'put my foot down' or so to speak but he is such a beautiful child and he has such a big and full heart!

If you look closely he has a black eye ( his right). A little parenting advice that we can now give out to others going on vacation. When your 3 year old son says that he has to pee and he takes off for the bathroom quickly well you follow. And when he thinks he is big enough to use the urinal in the men's bathroom with his daddy then you let him, but here is the problem HE IS WET and has on no shoes...... He is a very independent child and when he told his daddy don't help me Jason let him pull up the wet bathing suit on his own, well as he pulled up his suit he somehow pulled himself up too and there went his feet and right into the urinal he went. He hit his right eye socket on the the lovely white porcelain urinal! It immediately swelled and bruised and I was sick to think that it had happened but I am glad he didn't get a face full of urine. Daddy learned a lesson and so did Dayne. But this happened on Sunday of our vacation and we weren't leaving until Thursday. The rest of the week I kept feeling the urge to have to explain what happened to him and try to explain that we don't hit our children. But even with his 1st true black eye he is still so beautiful!

Here is me trying to be a photographer :-) Maybe one day!!!
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Kurt and Samantha said...

He is a knock out you better watch out you will have a ton of girls calling your house. I love his tan.

The Claunch Family said...

What a gorgeous child! And you can so tell he is 100% boy! I love it!

Jennifer said...

Poor guy! However it does not look the the black eye slowed him down!

Jennifer said...

Poor guy! However it does not look the the black eye slowed him down!