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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Outdoor Fun!

Well the boys are beginning the early stages of learning how to play together. Tallan wants to be with big brother all the time and big brother only wants little one around when he wants him. But here are some precious brother moments :-)
Tallan is getting very brave and has no fear right now.

Dayne is just too cute and do you see the dimples still there on his cute face since birth!

Just having fun together

He thinks he is big stuff now~
I keep telling him that he is my baby my big boy my everything- He tells me he is not a baby he is a big boy and for some reason he thinks he is 5~ I guess I now understand other moms of much older boys who have such a hard time with them growing up and doing their own things :-) Everyday gets harder as he persists on growing up
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Elizabeth said...

What sweet pictures! You sure do have 2 adorable boys. These pics make me even more excited about the years ahead with my two.

Kurt and Samantha said...

they sure are sweet together and they are both very handsome, you better watch out!

Jennifer said...

That is funny! Cooper always tells everyone that he is 5 too!!!! They grow up so fast!

Aunt KK said...

I love those boys and these are the cutest pictures. Tell them Aunt KK said hi!