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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

More Baby Pictures

Good afternoon! It feels like it has been so long since I have been on here but I don't really play with my blog at home. Things have been so busy lately. Our weekend was good and relaxing and Jason finally took a day and did nothing. He didn't know what to do with himself. Dayne and I have both had ear infections. I didn't even know Dayne had one, me on the other hand, I still can't hear properly and I feel like I am in a cave or tunnel when I talk. I hope it gets better soon. How is it fair- Dayne gets to take medicine that smells and tastes like bubble gum, liquid of course, and I get 2 large 'horse' pills twice a day for 10 days. He is defintely getting the better end of it.

Today we had another Ultrasound of our new baby b/c after the last one 4 weeks ago he was not cooperative with all body measurements. I am 22 weeks along and this little man in me is growing. He is 1 pound and 1 ounce. I couldn't believe what he was doing today during the ultrasound.

I want everyone to look closely at the 1st picture. He is giving us a 'Thumbs Up' it was the most precious thing and something that I think I have needed. I have had more crazy doubts with this pregnancy and worries, but everything is coming out okay, it is just sad what doubt can do to you. So this 'Thumbs Up' I am taking as a beautiful gesture from my new son that everything is okay and he is doing fine. What a true blessing from God!

He was active today and into every position. I think he is having fun inside of me! We got to see his face and watch him play with his face and ears and feet.

I am greatful beyond belief that this ultrasound was good, they got to see everything that they wanted to, but that means that I don't know when my next ultrasound will be. I was able to have every 3-4 week ultrasounds with Dayne b/c of his kidney situation. I truly thought that I was the luckiest person b/c I got to see my unborn child so frequently during the pregnancy. With this little one I guess we will have to wait and see. No changes to the due date. Mid July here we come!

Have a wonderful day! I hope to not be such a stranger and get back on top of things!
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Aunt KK said...

I guess the thumbs up means that all is good in there. I am excited i can't wait to meet him..

Amy said...

Great ultrasound pics!! Glad everything looks so well. I left the wrong e-mail address earlier. I'm a goof ball!! Sorry, it's !!

Jennifer said...

How cute! This means that you can stop worrying so much and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. Little guy is telling you that he is fine and all is well in his little home!!July will be here before you know it so enjoy it will you can!!

Chuck, Elizabeth, & Carter said...

Aw, that is awesome! That little guy is just fine. I know it is hard not to worry but just remember it is out of your hands. You are so blessed! Love ya