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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Our Other Life.....

I wanted to share with you all the other life that Jason and I live. TurfWorks, LLC totally controls our lives, but it is definitely worth it! I wish I had before and after pictures to show you all- Jason and I keep hitting ourselves in the head over not taking more pictures when we were 'under construction.' When we bought this 4+ acres it was over grown, not taken care of, and the barn was in such bad shape. We have put our vision into it and are trying every little bit to improve our land.Our business means everything to us, as it should! We are building a new wooden fence around our property due to some issues that have arised (the story is toooo long). I am very proud of our employees for their hard work.

This first picture is of our small office. This is where I am at least 85% of my time. This is also where I do all my wonderful blogging :) We are trying to get grass to grow in the front, how ironic.

This is a our shop. Just one side of it.

Here is that new fence, this is the property line of that long story no one has time to hear about.

I will post some pictures when the fence is all done maybe even some of my small office which is in such need of a makeover! I spend so much time out here it should be more 'homey'

Everyone have a wonderful day!
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Anonymous said...

hey! its about time you got back on here. see you this weekend.


Amy said...

Wow! I'm way impressed.
Hey, I got your message and I thought I sent you an "invitation" to view my blog. Just in case you need it again, e-mail me at