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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My Angel!

Sunday after church we went the long way home and on the drive Dayne fell asleep. He did this pose himself- I did not put his little dog there. I just thought that this was too precious to pass up. My sleeping angel!

I just wanted to pass this info on and it is not to impose on anyone. But Sunday at church our pastor has been preaching on a series of Heaven and Hell. Very powerful and moving sermons. Brings the truth and hits you in the face. A few things that he said on Sunday really stuck with me and I want to share them. I am 27 and how sad that I have never thought about it or paid attention to it like this. Very simple: If you are born once (1) you will die twice (2), if you are born twice(2) you will only die once (1). Your physical birth and your spiritual birth, born again. You will die physically and your spirit will die and be in Hell or in the Lake of Fire. It was so simple to understand, but I had never thought about it like that. And I felt guilty Sunday after saying all the time the old saying "what goes around comes around"- and something that Dr. Cox said is that God will judge one day- he will judge and be just. God is just and He will pay back. It gives me peace to know that even if every criminal, rapist, murderer is not caught- God will be just to them one day. I am not a minister and my sermon notes are always full and sometimes only make sense to me. But I just wanted to share that with you all today. A simple understanding.
Have a wonderful day!
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Anonymous said...

Very cute picture!!!!

Amy said...

Precious picture!! Thanks for making me think......

Jennifer said...

Dayne looks so sweet!! I am going to have withdrawls not seeing you all this weekend!!

Amy said...

I made my blog private b/c someone tried to infect us with a virus!! Be on the lookout for unfamiliar bloggers. Will you e-mail me so that I can add you to my safe blogger list? It's

Aunt kk said...

He is so precious but of course when isn't he... I love the kid.