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Monday, January 28, 2008


Well I don't know where we have been. It just seems every time I have had time to sit down and play on the computer something else arises. Well as a mom and many of you know what I am talking about, I am on the verge of loosing it. Dayne is sick again, which means that he has been sick on and off since the week before Christmas. Tallan is doing great, we are waiting anxiously on his bottom teeth to arrive. He continues to be a very laid back, lazy little boy. Precious, good baby, but very lazy. I love that about it, he goes with the flow.
But it just seems that no matter what I do we just can't shake this virus. I am just thankful that since our unfortunate diagnosis with RSV for Tallan, that he is 'well.' I have a lot to post on the boys, I have lots of pics and I promise to get them up soon. We leave this week for Massachusetts!!! We have a huge family weekend planned. My precious grandparents are having their 60th wedding Anniversary. My brother and Maggie are having a bridal/wedding shower. And Dayne is asking for snow everyday! :) He wants so badly to build a snowman, he has even asked to go the North Pole where Santa is to build that snowman.
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Heather said...

Have a safe trip to visit family. Enjoy that time. Soak it up!I hope Dayne gets better! I really enjoyed seeing you at work! Maybe we can get together for a playdate! Keep in touch.