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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wonderful Afternoon!!!

Well click on each pic to read my captions. Today was such a wonderful afternoon that after we got home from church we outside to play!
Here is our future baseball players!!! Daddy is very proud that both boys love to play or attempt to !
Here is Tallan learning how to hold the bat. Too cute!!!

Dayne loves to hit the ball unfortunately he missed this one pitch, but he is getting better!!!

Trouble, can you see it. What a cutie!!!!
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Jennifer said...

SO Cute!!!! I know that Jason is proud!

Karen (KK) said...

They are both getting so big. I love my boys more than anything! There is nothing in this world like being an Aunt (thank you for making that happen first)I can't wait for another one.

Kurt and Samantha said...

There is nothing like boys and sports, keep trying Dayne you will get it the next time! Tallan really looks like he is up too something in that bottom pic.

Elizabeth said...

What adorable boys! Tallan sure is growing. Love the look on his face in that bottom pic.