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Thursday, August 27, 2009

My New Project

My new project!!! Well as you all know Dayne has been attending First Steps since he was 18 months old and next week puts him in the Pre-K class!!! I am very excited for him but also know that it means he is growing up and soon Kindergarten. But I have also gotten the privilege to be on the committee for the preschool and that has allowed me to be so involved and my good friend is the Director. So I decided to start a blog for preschool and I am sharing it with you guys. It still needs some work and some 'tweaking' but after the open house tonight I hope to have a lot of pics up and gets some slide shows going as well. I want the blog to be a 3 column layout and I am using one from LeeLou Blogs but not really loving all their free layout styles- does anyone have suggestions on what to do to the blog so when I go and change the backdrops for the seasons that I don't lose all our info?? I am still new to the 'fancy' blogs and I am trying not to have to purchase anything right now- that may not work but please leave me suggestions on what to do and please go check out the preschool blog especially over the next week or so and give me ideas or pointers or suggestions.
Thanks everybody!!!

First Steps Christian Preschool


Cindy said...

Hey, try have some cute ones that are free too! I can't wait to see some new pics!!!

The Claunch Family said...

I nominated you!! Check out my blog!