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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fun Day with Cooper and Jenn!!

After my recent drama with the kidney thing- Jenn and Cooper were awesome and came up and visited us for the day. The day before when Jenn and I decided on this play time all Dayne would say is 'Cooper come on', 'Cooper coming.' The boys had so much fun together and I was proud of them both, especially mine, for sharing and getting along so great! I so wish our schedules were different and distance wasn't involved b/w them!
I only hope that these two boys and the next two coming are as close as Jenn and I are. They would be so lucky!

Here they are sharing a snack..............

Swinging- Cooper definetly loves to swing and we are teaching Dayne to swing on the bigger swings vs his toddler swing. He is getting it!

I am so happy that you guys came and spent the day with us! We will in Chattanooga soon I promise!
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The Stone's said...

My comment is about your post on your bro...I have 3 sisters that I am very close to. My baby sister moved to Va. Beach for about a year while her husband co-op'd with an engineering firm. It was really hard. But, it was an awesome excuse for a vacation several times. What a neat place for you to visit your brother! But, I know it will be hard. Life's changes are no fun sometimes, but when we adapt, there are blessings in the changes, too.