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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Uncle Jasen

Well my little brother has moved far far from home. He has always been close to home, within an hour drive. But last Tuesday he and his girlfriend Maggie moved to Maryland/ VA- Washington D.C.- That is how bad I am I say D.C. but really they are across the river. I am very happy for them both, they are both based out of D.C. ( they are pilots). So this way they are close to home. We had a big cookout the night before they left and Dayne and his Uncle Jasen had a lot fun playing together!!!
If only Dayne would have looked at me!!!
Lots of Fun!!
Acting like they are driving the ship. Dayne loves to use those binoculars to look at everything.
I didn't know that this step in my brother's life would affect me so much! I guess I have always taken for granted that he lived in Nashville and we saw him every 2 weeks or so, depending on his schedule. But to know that he is a 10 hour drive from home really has put some emotions into check. I only wish them the best and I hope that they both enjoy the new city that they moved to! I love you guys!!!
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