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Monday, May 07, 2007

My Latest Pregnancy Update......

Here is a picture of my awesome son. This was taken with my cell phone so not that great of a pic. But this is why he is awesome.
This past Wednesday when I got up and was getting ready I kept feeling like I was having cramps which I shouldn't really be feeling those. So Dayne and I went to my mom's for the morning and the feelings just wouldn't go away so after 2 hours I called the doctor to get the instructions we all know-- go lay down and put your feet up and rest if they don't go away then call us back. Okay most of you know how busy we are, so when was that going to happen. I just told Dayne that mommy had a small boo boo and she needed to go to the office and sit still and work on the computer. After a few hours my problems were going away which was nice, but then again after dinner here they came again, but the problem was it was much more intense then in the morning. So here I am- I got in bed and went to sleep. Only to wake up the next morning with the feeling of everything coming out of me and my back just ached like you would not believe. I got Dayne to preschool Thursday morning and to take care of me I go get some breakfast and head out to our office b/c Thursday's are payroll days and I have to have that done. By this time I am in pain- which I hate to admit. But I call the doctor again to say I am having some more problems. So Thursday just got worse for me b/c Jason is in Chattanooga and the doctor is telling me to come in to the office as soon as possible. But first things first is payroll :) When I finally get to the office he checks me does all the fun stuff then sends me over the hospital for a Nonstress test- which is fine b/c I thought I was having contractions and that I just bought myself bed rest at 29 weeks not good for me!! But even though I was having all that pain they weren't contractions and guess what-- I got to go home. Jason had gotten to the hospital by this time and he just didn't understand that these pains I was experiencing wasn't contractions. Well we drive home (we live 40min. from the hospital) We get home and I get into bed b/c I am hurting so bad in my back that nothing is helping, no position, can't sleep b/c of the pain and I let this go on for hours before I call anyone. And my husband is getting mad at me b/c I won't call anyone and Dayne just keeps looking at me and getting in bed with me and laying with me. He was helping more than he knew! He just kept saying mommy bed, mommy bed. Well let me speed this up some. We call the doctor at 9:45pm and end up back in the hospital that night remember the drive time- and back in L&D and back on the monitors. Oh by the way I have been vomiting through all of this but I thought I would like to save you from those moments. Guess what I am not in labor, but there is something wrong with my kidneys! Oh how fun! End up that this new lovely little boy inside of my has occluded off my right ureter (which goes from your kidney to your bladder) so they thought I had kidney stones. That is a much nicer diagnosis than preterm labor at 29 weeks. Friday was fun too. All day in the hospital that I work in as a patient. First an ultrasound of my kidneys, then and IVP dye test of my kidneys, then guess what off to surgery. Of course I look horrible, been vomiting, been up for a long time, barely had a shower, and then off to surgery in the department that I work in looking like this. Things couldn't get any better. But pain meds are a good thing! After my procedure to open my ureter the Urologist didn't think I had any stones, oh he was wrong b/c they decided to come later on in the early morning hours of Saturday. Fun, Fun, Fun! I really don't wish kidney problems, stones on anyone especially those of you out there that are prego too! But my son, my wonderful son came to see me Friday afternoon after everything was done and he was a champ! He liked L&D for all the attention, but also b/c of the nursery. The grandmas kept taking him to the nursery to look at the babies and he was in heaven, the only thing was he kept wanting to hold them. He is going to be an awesome big brother! So there is my update and my excuse for not blogging in so long.
And I also have to say that my husband should get an award! He was totally awesome and such a great support. He even told me to slow down, stop doing so much, and get fat if I want to. How sweet is he!!!!! I hope you all have husbands like mine we would all be so lucky!
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The Hadfields said...

So sorry to hear about all of your kidney trouble!! I was about to guess that or your gallbladder before you revealed the problem! I'm glad they figured out what was going on. Hope you are feeling better now!

Chuck, Elizabeth, & Carter said...

Oh Deana!!! How awful! I was wondering if everything was ok because she hadnt posted in awhile. Glad you are better. And what a sweet baby boy and husband you have. The nice thing about having 3 men in your life is that you will always be pampered when needed. Check out this girls blog:
She is pregnant with quads!!!!!!!!! And had kidney stones this weekend also. And she is a surgery nurse. How funny is that!